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Solar power is changing lives across the globe, and shifting to solar solutions is the best way to survive amid the current economic crisis. It’s an excellent option with a precious return on investment.

Solar Panel; price in Pakistan


Solar energy is the most reliable among current options, and a single-time installation of solar equipment is all needed to light your day. Experts also call it the need of the hour as the energy harnessed using a range of technologies not only financially up to the mark but contributed to the greater good of being eco-friendly.

Nowadays, alternative energy providers like solar giants have wooed customers with all kinds of gimmicks, while finding the best option is a confusing task.

If you are following the bandwagon to go solar, you have come to the right place, as this article will help you get the best possible options without any hassle.

If you visit the market to start searching on your own, there’s a possibility that you might get confused with the exhausting task of looking for solar options. To help you out, we deep-dived and did all the work needed to get the right person for the job.

This list presents the top 5 solar companies in Pakistan that can provide the best solar solutions in Pakistan for you.

  • Sky Electric
  • Pantera Energy
  • Beacon Energy
  • Premier Energy
  • REON Energy


The solar giant SkyElectric offers products and services per global benchmarks, catering to residential and commercial customers.

The company is a pioneer in manufacturing solar solutions and offers non-stop power with cost-effective and durable systems that will help you cut electricity bills and improve business productivity.

You are just one step away from getting reliable services from SkyElectric, which offers a cloud-based system and special cooperation centres to monitor all operating systems 24/7.

Beacon Energy

Beacon Energy is an expert in a wide range of integrated solar solutions and holds a plethora of satisfied customers under its belt.

Being the country’s most innovative solar company, it garnered a lot of customers over the years. It offers diversified and trustworthy solar solutions with round-the-clock customer service, bringing the best customer service.

Meeting clients’ needs is paramount for Beacon Energy as they offer a wide range, attracting all kinds of solar customers. The firm storey offers all-in-one solar installation services, from initial consultation to final installation. The firm’s solar plants can be customized per the consumer’s demand.

You can approach them by dialling 0310 0000 235 or visiting their website:

Pantera Energy

Pantera Energy is another top trusted solar energy brand in Pakistan, offering top-notch experiences to customers; the company has a strong presence in the local solar industry in Pakistan.

The leading player in the solar industry offers solar power for residential and commercial purposes, with reliability, efficiency, and inexpensive self-generation remaining the centre of the services.

The renowned solar manufacturer aims to provide high-quality solar solutions to its customers, presenting cost-effective renewable energy solutions for commercial, residential, and industrial needs. Pantera Energy focuses on innovation and intelligence in their energy solutions that satisfy all sectors’ requirements.


Premier Energy

Premier Energy is among the industry’s bigwigs, which has believed in making a difference in the energy sector for the last eight years. Throughout the years, the company expanded its network all over Pakistan to become one of the leading players offering all-out solar solutions.

Premier Energy offers cost-effective solar solutions in over 35 cities across Pakistan, catering for all kinds of customers, including residential, commercial, industrial, and agricultural.

The eminent leader in manufacturing reliable solar provides solar financing schemes and installs solar systems of 3 and 5 kilowatts; they also deal in wholesale solar equipment.

REON Energy

REON Energy provides a wide range of integrated solar solutions for all sectors. With a vast network across Pakistan, REON Energy offers alternative energy solutions at the best prices.

The company specializes in solar energy, net metering, and engineering consulting, providing clients with internationally acclaimed energy solutions. REON Energy plans to install state-of-the-art grid-tied solar systems.


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