Top 100 latest Mehndi designs for wedding season 2020


So, we all know that one of the craziest times of the year is just around the corner. yes, we are talking about the wedding season. Everyone will be searching for new fashion accessories along with Mehndi designs. The fun fact is that in 2018, Heena designs trended on Google search trends so we understand how important these designs are during the wedding season.

Top 10 Mehndi Designs included as well

And if you are one of them who are in search of trending and amazing Heena designs, you have come to the right place. In this article, you can access the top 100 Mehendi designs for your reference.

Simple Mehndi Designs 1

Simple Mehndi Designs 2

Simple Mehndi Designs 3

Simple Mehndi Designs 4

Simple Mehndi Designs 5

Simple Mehndi Designs 6

Simple Mehndi Designs 7

Simple Mehndi Designs 8

Simple Mehndi Designs 9

Simple Mehndi Designs 10

Simple Mehndi Designs 11

Simple Mehndi Designs 12

Simple Mehndi Designs 13

Simple Mehndi Designs 14

Simple Mehndi Designs 15

Simple Mehndi Designs 16

Simple Mehndi Designs 17

Simple Mehndi Designs 18

Simple Mehndi Designs 19

Simple Mehndi Designs 20

Simple Mehndi Designs 21

Simple Mehndi Designs 22

Simple Mehndi Designs 23

Simple Mehndi Designs 24

Simple Mehndi Designs 25

Simple Mehndi Designs 26

Simple Mehndi Designs 27

Simple Mehndi Designs 28

Simple Mehndi Designs 29

Simple Mehndi Designs 30

Simple Mehndi Designs 31

Simple Mehndi Designs 32

Simple Mehndi Designs 33

Simple Mehndi Designs 34

Simple Mehndi Designs 35


Arabic Mehndi Design 1

Arabic Mehndi Design 1

Arabic Mehndi Design 1

Arabic Mehndi Design 2

Arabic Mehndi Design 3

Arabic Mehndi Design 4

Arabic Mehndi Design 5

Arabic Mehndi Design 6

Arabic Mehndi Design 7

Arabic Mehndi Design 8

Arabic Mehndi Design 9

Arabic Mehndi Design 10

Arabic Mehndi Design 11

Arabic Mehndi Design 12

Arabic Mehndi Design 13

Arabic Mehndi Design 14

Arabic Mehndi Design 15

Arabic Mehndi Design 16

Arabic Mehndi Design 17

Arabic Mehndi Design 18

Arabic Mehndi Design 19

Arabic Mehndi Design 20

Arabic Mehndi Design 21

Arabic Mehndi Design 22

Arabic Mehndi Design 23

Arabic Mehndi Design 24

Arabic Mehndi Design 25

Arabic Mehndi Design 26

Arabic Mehndi Design 27

Arabic Mehndi Design 28

Arabic Mehndi Design 29

Arabic Mehndi Design 30

Arabic Mehndi Design 31

Arabic Mehndi Design 32

Arabic Mehndi Design 33

Arabic Mehndi Design 34

Arabic Mehndi Design 35

Arabic Mehndi Design 36

Arabic Mehndi Design 37

Arabic Mehndi Design 38

Arabic Mehndi Design 39

Arabic Mehndi Design 40

Arabic Mehndi Design 41

Arabic Mehndi Design 42

Arabic Mehndi Design 43

Arabic Mehndi Design 44

Arabic Mehndi Design 45

Arabic Mehndi Design 46

Arabic Mehndi Design 47

Arabic Mehndi Design 48

Arabic Mehndi Design 49Arabic Mehndi Design 50

Arabic Mehndi Design 51

Arabic Mehndi Design 52



Pakistani Mehndi Design 1

Pakistani Mehndi Design 2

Pakistani Mehndi Design 3

Pakistani Mehndi Design 4

Pakistani Mehndi Design 5

Pakistani Mehndi Design 6

Pakistani Mehndi Design 7

Pakistani Mehndi Design 8

Pakistani Mehndi Design 9

Pakistani Mehndi Design 10

Pakistani Mehndi Design 11

Pakistani Mehndi Design 12

Pakistani Mehndi Design 13

Pakistani Mehndi Design 14

Pakistani Mehndi Design 15

Pakistani Mehndi Design 16

Pakistani Mehndi Design 17

Pakistani Mehndi Design 18

Pakistani Mehndi Design 19

Pakistani Mehndi Design 20

Pakistani Mehndi Design 21

Pakistani Mehndi Design 22

Pakistani Mehndi Design 23

Pakistani Mehndi Design 24

Pakistani Mehndi Design 25

Pakistani Mehndi Design 26

Pakistani Mehndi Design 27

Pakistani Mehndi Design 28

Pakistani Mehndi Design 29

Pakistani Mehndi Design 30

Pakistani Mehndi Design 31

Pakistani Mehndi Design 32

Pakistani Mehndi Design 33

Pakistani Mehndi Design 34

Pakistani Mehndi Design 35

Pakistani Mehndi Design 36

Pakistani Mehndi Design 37

Pakistani Mehndi Design 38

Pakistani Mehndi Design 39

Pakistani Mehndi Design 40

Pakistani Mehndi Design 41

Pakistani Mehndi Design 42

Pakistani Mehndi Design 43

Pakistani Mehndi Design 44

Pakistani Mehndi Design 45

Pakistani Mehndi Design 46

Indian Mehndi Designs:

Indian Mehndi Designs are varied but they are on the heavier side as compared to Arabic or Pakistani mehndi designs. Indian mehndi designs are very delicate and intricate. Indian mehndi designs cover the entire hands and feet with all kinds of patterns and motifs. Indian mehndi designs is also based on thicker, bolder and intricate, delicate designs merging into one another to form a beautiful layout. Indian mehndi design is unique and requires a lot of practice and precision to be applied perfectly.

Indian Mehndi Design 1

Indian Mehndi Design 2

Indian Mehndi Design 3

Indian Mehndi Design 4

Indian Mehndi Design 5

Indian Mehndi Design 6

Indian Mehndi Design 7

Indian Mehndi Design 8

Indian Mehndi Design 9

Indian Mehndi Design 10

Indian Mehndi Design 11

Indian Mehndi Design 12

Indian Mehndi Design 13

Indian Mehndi Design 14

Indian Mehndi Design 15

Indian Mehndi Design 16

Indian Mehndi Design 17

Indian Mehndi Design 18

Indian Mehndi Design 19

Indian Mehndi Design 20

Indian Mehndi Design 21

Indian Mehndi Design 22

Indian Mehndi Design 23

Indian Mehndi Design 24

Indian Mehndi Design 25

Indian Mehndi Design 26

Indian Mehndi Design 27

Bridal Mehndi Designs:

Bridal mehndi designs vary for different countries and regions. For Arabs, bridal mehndi design still stays on a less heavy side. When it comes to Pakistani and Indian brides, they go for heavy designs that take up to hours to be completely applied. Usually mehndi designs start from forearm and cover the entire arm and hands. Feet are also an important canvas where the mehndi is applied. Bridal mehndi designs are usually symmetrical and follow the same pattern on both the arms and feet.

Bridal Mehndi Design 1

Bridal Mehndi Design 1

Bridal Mehndi Design 2

Bridal Mehndi Design 2

Bridal Mehndi Design 3

Bridal Mehndi Design 4

Bridal Mehndi Design 5

Bridal Mehndi Design 6

Bridal Mehndi Design 7

Bridal Mehndi Design 8

Bridal Mehndi Design 9

Bridal Mehndi Design 10

Bridal Mehndi Design 11

Bridal Mehndi Design 12

Bridal Mehndi Design 13

Bridal Mehndi Design 14

Bridal Mehndi Design 15

Bridal Mehndi Design 16

Bridal Mehndi Design 17

Bridal Mehndi Design 18

Bridal Mehndi Design 19

Bridal Mehndi Design 20

Bridal Mehndi Design 21

Bridal Mehndi Design 22

Bridal Mehndi Design 23

Bridal Mehndi Design 24

Bridal Mehndi Design 25

Bridal Mehndi Design 26

Bridal Mehndi Design 27

Bridal Mehndi Design 28

Bridal Mehndi Design 29

Bridal Mehndi Design 30

Bridal Mehndi Design 31

Bridal Mehndi Design 32

Bridal Mehndi Design 33

Meaningful Bridal Mehndi Design 1

Meaningful Bridal Mehndi Design 2

Meaningful Bridal Mehndi Design 3

Meaningful Bridal Mehndi Design 4

Meaningful Bridal Mehndi Design 5

Meaningful Bridal Mehndi Design 6

Meaningful Bridal Mehndi Design 7

Meaningful Bridal Mehndi Design 8

Feet Mehndi Designs 1

Feet Mehndi Designs 2

Feet Mehndi Designs 2

Feet Mehndi Designs 3

Feet Mehndi Designs 4

Feet Mehndi Designs 5

Feet Mehndi Designs 6

Feet Mehndi Designs 7

Feet Mehndi Designs 8

Feet Mehndi Designs 9

Feet Mehndi Designs 10

Feet Mehndi Designs 11

Feet Mehndi Designs 12

Feet Mehndi Designs 13

Feet Mehndi Designs 14

Feet Mehndi Designs 15

Feet Mehndi Designs 16

Feet Mehndi Designs 17

Feet Mehndi Designs 18

Feet Mehndi Designs 19

Feet Mehndi Designs 20

Feet Mehndi Designs 21

Feet Mehndi Designs 22

Rosette and Filigree Mehndi Designs:

Roses are a huge part of any mehndi design. Different takes on roses and then the flow along with it makes any design look gorgeous on the hands. However, in recent years, we have seen a trend of rosette mehndi designs, which is formed into delicate tracery like filigree. It is the same pattern that is made on the entire hand and looks nothing less than a beautiful glove of roses. Florals and filigree mehndi designs are one of the most beautiful mehndi designs.
Rosette And Filigree Mehndi Designs 1

Rosette And Filigree Mehndi Designs 1

Rosette And Filigree Mehndi Designs 2

Rosette And Filigree Mehndi Designs 3

Rosette And Filigree Mehndi Designs 4

Rosette And Filigree Mehndi Designs 5

Rosette And Filigree Mehndi Designs 6

Rosette And Filigree Mehndi Designs 7

Rosette And Filigree Mehndi Designs 8

Rosette And Filigree Mehndi Designs 9

Rosette And Filigree Mehndi Designs 10

Rosette And Filigree Mehndi Designs 11

Rosette And Filigree Mehndi Designs 12

Rosette And Filigree Mehndi Designs 13

Rosette And Filigree Mehndi Designs 14

Rosette And Filigree Mehndi Designs 15

Rosette And Filigree Mehndi Designs 16

Rosette And Filigree Mehndi Designs 17

Rosette And Filigree Mehndi Designs 18

Criss Cross Mehndi designs 1

Criss Cross Mehndi designs 2

Criss Cross Mehndi designs 3

Criss Cross Mehndi designs 4

Criss Cross Mehndi designs 5

Criss Cross Mehndi designs 6

Criss Cross Mehndi designs 7

Criss Cross Mehndi designs 8

Criss Cross Mehndi designs 9

Criss Cross Mehndi designs 10

Criss Cross Mehndi designs 11

Criss Cross Mehndi designs 12

White Mehndi Designs 1

White Mehndi Designs 2

White Mehndi Designs 3

White Mehndi Designs 4

White Mehndi Designs 5

White Mehndi Designs 6

White Mehndi Designs 7

White Mehndi Designs 8

White Mehndi Designs 9

White Mehndi Designs 10

White Mehndi Designs 11

White Mehndi Designs 12

White Mehndi Designs 13

Black Mehndi Designs:

Black mehndi is widely used in African countries and it has made its way into Arab countries too. Black mehndi designs look the best when they are not covering the hands completely. Due to the black color, the less is more approach is the best way to go about it. Black mehndi designs are usually floral and look incredible.
Black Mehndi Designs 1

Black Mehndi Designs 2

Black Mehndi Designs 3

Black Mehndi Designs 4

Black Mehndi Designs 5

Black Mehndi Designs 6

Black Mehndi Designs 7

Black Mehndi Designs 8

Black Mehndi Designs 9

Black Mehndi Designs 10

Black Mehndi Designs 11

Black Mehndi Designs 12

Black Mehndi Designs 13

Black Mehndi Designs 14

Black Mehndi Designs 15

Black Mehndi Designs 16

Black Mehndi Designs 17

Red Mehndi Designs 1

Red Mehndi Designs 2

Red Mehndi Designs 3

Red Mehndi Designs 4

Red Mehndi Designs 5

Red Mehndi Designs 6

Red Mehndi Designs 7

Red Mehndi Designs 8

Red Mehndi Designs 9

Red Mehndi Designs 10

Red Mehndi Designs 11

Red Mehndi Designs 12

Red Mehndi Designs 13

Ornamental Mehndi Designs:

This is a comparatively recent trend in the world of mehndi design too. It is a break from the traditional and typical mehndi designs that we have seen over the years. Ornamental mehndi designs include a lot of motifs, chains and dotted patterns. Ornamental mehndi designs make it look like one is wearing a jewellery of some sort on the hands and it looks beautiful.

Ornamental mehndi designs 1

Ornamental mehndi designs 1

Ornamental mehndi designs 2

Ornamental mehndi designs 3

Ornamental mehndi designs 4

Ornamental mehndi designs 5

Ornamental mehndi designs 6

Ornamental mehndi designs 7

Ornamental mehndi designs 8

Ornamental mehndi designs 9

Ornamental mehndi designs 10

Ornamental mehndi designs 11

Ornamental mehndi designs 12

Arabic Mehndi

Arabic mehndi design, henna art

Arabic Mehndi design for palm

Arabic mehndi design for back hand

Arabic Mehndhi design casual

Arabic mehnhdi design elephant motif

Arabic Mehndi Design 2019

Indian Mehndi

Indian Mehndi design

Indian Mehndi design peacock motif

Indian Mehndi design full hands

Indian Mehndi design fingers

Indian Mehndi design vine

Indian Mehndi Design 2019

So the fun fact here is that Arabic Heena has a lot of negative space while the Indian designs of Heena are packed without extra space. Its like artwork with detailed working and a lot of visual elements with no extra space.

Pakistani Mehndi Designs

Pakistani Mehndi design with beetle leaves

Pakistani Mehndi design spiral motif

Pakistani Mehndi design back hand

Pakistani Mehndi design roses motif

Pakistani Mehndi design mango leaves

Pakistani Mehndi design beetle leaves

The Pakistani adaptation of Heena design is a little different from Arabic or Indian design since Pakistani Mehndi designs have different applying positions and the overall look and feel are different.

Hand Mehndi Designs

Back hand Mehndi design spiral motif

Back hand Mehndi design, wrist design

Back hand Mehndi design petals motif


Back hands Mehndi design mango leaves motif

Simple back hands Mehndi design

Hand Mehndi Design 2019

Finger Mehndi Designs

Fingers Mehndi design feather motif

Finger Mehndi design, nail art

Fingers Mehndi design, ring motif

Full Fingers Mehndi design

Fingers Mehndi design, beetle leaves motif

Finger Mehndi Design 2019

Finger Mehndi Design, New Mehndi Trend 2019

This particular category is for those who are not looking for a packed hand with Mehndi but just a little for socializing during the wedding season..

Palm Mehndi Designs

Palm Mehndi design, mango leaves motif

Palm Mehndi design, circle Mehndi design

Palm Mehndi design

Palm Mehndi design, elephant motif

Palm Mehndi design, beetle leaves

Palm Mehndi Design Trends 2019

These are typical traditional designs for those who want to go the extra mile with Heena but these designs are little smudgy too.

Feet Mehndi Designs

Feet Mehndi design, shell motif

Feet Mehndi design, flower Mehndi design

Feet Mehndi design, mango leaves motif

Feet Mehndi design, spiral motif

Feet Mehndi design

You must have wondered why people apply heena on feet but its true and especially Pakistani and Indian women love to do it and with these, they go an extra mile with a really smudgy look and feel

Leg Mehndi Designs

Leg Mehndhi Design new

Leg Mehndi design mango leaves motif

Legs Mehndi design, peacock motif

Leg Mehndi design, beetle leaves motif

Leg Mehndi design, Indian mehndi peacock motif

Leg Mehndi design, Indian mehndi peacock motif

For those of us who like to go extra, there are leg Mehndi designs. Most designs are for legs and foot

Eid Mehndi Designs

Eid Mehndhi Design 2019

Eid Mehndi design

Eid Mehndi design, Arabic Mehndi design

Eid Mehndi design, palm Mehndi design

Eid Mehndi design, elephant motif

Eid Mehndi design

Eid Mehndi Designs 2019

How To Eid Mehndi Design 2019

The above designs are for festivities like Eid. These Mehndi designs are not to heavy or filled but on a lighter side as compared to bridal designs. Sometimes little glitter is also added to these designs to make them look more attractive.

Bridal Mehndi Designs

Bridal Mehndi Design Trends 2019

Bridal Mehndi design, elephant motif

Bridal Mehndi design

Bridal Mehndi design, back hand Bridal Mehndi design

Bridal Mehndi design, spiral motif

Bridal Mehndi design deep red

The most common occasion for applying Heena on hands is when someone (women) is getting married. heena is often related to a celebration so what bigger events than weddings for them to come out in force. T

Kids Mehndi Designs

Kids Mehndi Design Trends 2019

Kids Mehndi design

Kids Mehndi design, butterfly Mehndi design

Kids Mehndi design, floral

Kids Mehndi design, Bumblebee Mehndi design

Kids Mehndi design, floral

How can you hold the little kids back from Mehndi? Now a days little kids take a lot of interest in applying heena so here we have shared some Designs for kids.

Black Henna Designs

Black Henna Design 2019

Black Henna design

Black Henna design, elephant motif

Henna art

colorful henna art

Black Henna art with Brown Henna design

Black Henna Design Trends 2019

The recent trend of applying Heena is to mix both of the natural color, red and brown.

Simple Mehndi Designs

Simple Mehndi Design Trends 2019

Simple Mehndi design

Simple Mehndi design back hand

Simple Mehndi design feather motif

Simple Mehndi design beetle leaves motif

Simple Mehndi design, Wrist Mehndi design

Ever thought of your hand as a canvas and let an artist paint the picture with Mehndi?

Jewelry Mehndi Designs

No Jewelry Mehndi Design

Jewelry Mehndi design ringlet, wrist cuff

Jewelry Mehndi design ringlet

Jewelry mehndi design stacked rings and arm cuff

Jewelry Mehndi Design

Honorable Mentions

Here are the top Mehendi designs that we have selected for a round-up since you must be confused after watching all those crazy designs above.

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