Top 10 Successful Pakistani Startups that will thrive in 2020

InverterTop 10 Successful Pakistani Startups that will thrive in 2020

Successful Pakistani Startups In 2019

Pakistan’s startup eco-system is improving and with passing days we notice new and new innovative startups making their way to the mainstream. Few of the successful Pakistani Startups that were trending in 2019 will be thriving in 2020 because of their execution strategy and idea.

With startup boot camps, incubation centers and more options of facilitation, the startup economy in Pakistan is now improving. The credit goes to all the people who hustled to work on their unique ideas and make the worth.

While it might be about numbers in the bank account, for startups it is more about numbers it has impacted through what it does. Hence, when it comes to that, we are sure Pakistan has got itself a pool of experts and professionals making their way in.

This is why, with the start of 2020, we have created a list of few startups that excelled in 2019, and we have high hopes they have a long way to go. Please keep in mind this list is spontaneous and in no way is the ranking.


Bykea might have a lot of audiences using and preferring it now, but there was a time when people thought the idea wasn’t going to work. But work it did. Bykea is your solution to ditch driving for affordable public transport. It is your pick and drops bike service that can be used for commute and delivery both. The prices are super cheap, and the drivers are reliable.

Hence, the popularity, convenience, and ease it provides make it one of the startups that are shooting toward the top.

Battery Lala

Yes, we are sure, you have heard of this one already because this startup made to the Idea Croron Ka as well and win the funding too. It is one of the unique e-commerce platforms that provide almost every type of battery with free professional installation. Think of it as Uber for batteries, so whenever you need one, place an order and you will get the battery installed at the soonest.

They provide General, UPS/ Inverter and Solar Panel batteries. Get free delivery whenever, wherever you want.


Dawaai isn’t your ordinary pharmacy. It is a revolutionary online pharmacy from where you can purchase any sort of medication you want. You can purchase the medicine online and get it at your doorstep. For the medicines that aren’t off-the-shelf, you will have to provide the prescription or get one. You can also book lab tests and get the results on your email through Dawaai.

You can shop for medicines for herbal, homeopathic, and sexual wellness. They offer medical equipment and bulk medicines to pharmacies too. Therefore, it deserves the popularity it has gained.

Ghar Par

Ghar Par is unconventional by all means. A few years ago, who would have thought you can get the professional beauty services from the comfort of your home? From hair designing to waxing, manicure, pedicure, and massages, you can call in an expert at your home and get the services done.

Ghar Par is a web-based and app-based solution and they have experts that do not leave any stone unturned to satisfy you.


An innovative startup that has taken the trend of E-education from all across the world and provided it to the Pakistani students as well. Edkasa provides free learning videos for on the STEM and language-based subjects for Matric and FSc students. They have over 400+ videos and have both free and paid education plans.

If you are struggling with your education and are a tech person, then Edkasa is your way to go. We are sure students and their parents appreciate the startup.

Sehat Kahani

One of our personal favorites on the list, Sehat Kahani provides affordable and easy healthcare services to all. It has female medical professionals who can guide you on any problem you are facing through telemedicine. You can book an appointment for yourself anytime throughout the day and get matched to an expert.

The best part about Sehat Kahani is that they are providing healthcare services to those in the underprivileged communities as well. It has won a whopping amount of seed funding and a Rolex Award in 2019 as well. We see ways for this startup to go, grow and make the health accessible for all.


DeafTawk is a digital platform that wants to eradicate the huge communication barriers the deaf people face with the general public. It bridges the gap in real-time with a sign language interpreter. They have committed their forces to help people and have already done various events and even a concert for deaf people as well.

DeafTawk is an innovative startup, which has been able to secure funding as well. There is no doubt it is going to grow by a greater margin in this and the years to come.


ReliveNow has taken it upon itself to break the taboo of mental health and provide easy access to therapy. Considering how big of a problem therapy and counseling is in Pakistan, ReliveNow provides anonymous and affordable online service to all.

You just have to go to the platform and choose from the list of experts available to get an appointment via Skype. The startup also won Women in Tech award by Standard Chartered for its innovative and life-saving offering.


The closet is one of the startups every woman out there will love. They have decided to end the hassle of over shopping and overspending on buying clothes, especially at weddings. They offer dress rental services, which only charge you 10% of the actual cost of the dress. Those who give their dresses for rent also earn a commission every time someone rents the dress.

The closet is bringing sustainable fashion to Pakistan and is quashing the hype of going lavish at weddings. You get to be lavish without breaking the bank. We hope this startup keeps catering to the mainstream.


TrashIt is the startup aiming to transform the way waste is reduced in Pakistan to improve the environment and to make the process eco-friendly. They collect organic waste and make nutrient-rich compost and sell it to retailers, farmers, and gardeners. The products help everyone reach a sustainable lifestyle by promoting eco-friendliness.

The startup has also won national and international awards including She Loves Tech Pakistan.

These were just some of the startups that have created an impact and change not in the startup ecosystem only, but for every Pakistani as well. If you think there is any startup we left out of if you own a startup that you think deserves recognition, drop us a comment and we will be more than happy to let the world know about you!

Why Pakistani startups don’t succeed?

Talking about the above Successful Pakistani Startups that made to the headline did well for themselves and we believe that will continue to thrive in 2020. Pakistan is becoming the next hub of startups which is a good step towards the betterment of our economy.

A lot of Successful Pakistani Startups made to the headlines in 2018 as well but very few of them were able to succeed because the major key for the success of any startup is not the idea but the execution and revenue.

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