Top 10 Pakistani Celebrities Who Dress Up Modesty


Every country is on its own path towards modernism. Culturally rich countries take a lot of time and also find it hard to give up on their societal values and norms only to adapt to new cultures and traditions. In any country, celebrities play a huge role in making the image and leaving an impression of their respective countries in front of the entire world. They represent their country on all platforms; therefore it is one of their biggest responsibilities to showcase the beauty of their culture and norms at all times.

Pakistani celebrities are taking on the world right now and because of that, in order to blend well with the rest of the countries, they are doing everything to portray themselves as modern. In this race, almost every other celebrity does what it takes to match the criteria and meet the standards of modernization.

Pakistan on its own is such a culturally rich country with its beautiful fashion. Due to modernization, a lot of celebrities have stopped embracing their culture and this is the reason, in films, movies, to some extent dramas as well as their real lives, they tend to dress up which is mostly not in line with the cultural values of Pakistan. In this scenario, those few celebrities who embrace their culture and always put modesty above everything else stand out a lot more. This is the reason these celebrities are appreciated and celebrated by their fans because they relate to them on a personal level.

Here are 10 of such Pakistani celebrities who keep up with modesty and dress up likewise:

Sarah Khan

Sarah Khan is a diva of the Pakistani showbiz industry. She is not only beautiful, she has a perfect face and looks, which is why she happens to be the first choice of a lot of leading brands for their promotional campaigns. Sarah Khan is one of those few celebrities who made a statement that she does not believe in dressing up boldly or showing skin to prove herself. In this day and age where a lot of celebrities are losing touch with their culture, Sarah’s take on fashion is refreshing as well as inspiring. Sarah Khan is a big name in the industry and she has consistently worked hard to be where she is, therefore it is commendable that Sarah has not lost her charm and has maintained her style statement, which is all about modesty. Sarah Khan is also one of those few celebrities who does not agree with the idea of item songs because she feels they objectify women. Sarah Khan always dresses up modestly, she wears both eastern and western outfits, but she has always shied away from showing her skin. She always shows up on award functions dressed in beautiful traditional Pakistani dresses to prove that she not only embraces her culture but is proud of it too. This is the reason she is one of those very few celebrities who have earned a place in people’s heart and she is truly respected by her fans and followers.

Sanam Jung

Sanam Jung is also one of those few celebrities who always dressed up modestly. This is the reason why Sanam Jung always showed up on award functions wearing traditional dresses, which made her stand out a lot more. Sanam Jung’s popularity sky-rocketed right from the very beginning and her graph only went up. The factor that helped her popularity a lot more was the fact that people found her relatable. Sanam Jung did a morning show for a few years and being someone who had to be in front of people on a daily basis, she maintained her charm and persona with the help of her modest dressing. Sanam Jung was never seen dressing up boldly to make a statement. She too believes in modesty and it is one of the best aspects of her personality. She wears both eastern and western dresses but she always picks such outfits that cover her up properly.

Yumna Zaidi

Yumna Zaidi is the big name of the Pakistani drama industry. She is an excellent actor and has earned a place for herself and paved her name with her immense hard work and unparalleled talent that she has displayed in all of her projects. Yumna Zaidi comes from a feudal background but most of her family is settled abroad. However, she has kept her roots closer to her hearts that is why she always takes pride in representing her country and its beautiful culture. Yumna Zaidi is always dressed modestly and she has never once worn such clothes that would have made people question her choices. Her personal styling is very simple and basic. When it comes to award shows, Yumna does love to look glamorous but she always makes sure that her dressing falls in the category of modesty. Yumna Zaidi has become a brand in a few years, her name is enough to sell a drama, and therefore it is commendable as well as inspirational that a young actress like Yumna has succeeded in staying true to what she deems right in terms of fashion.

Aiman Khan

Aiman Khan has worked in the industry from a very young age. People have literally seen her grow up in front of their eyes. Being a part of an industry that demands actors to look modern and keep on bringing changes in their styling, it was very easy for Aiman Khan to opt for different clothing and change her choices, but she chose not to do that. Aiman Khan had done some photoshoots with loud makeup and western dresses to make a statement that she is not a child artist anymore but after that, she didn’t do anything of such sort which would’ve put a dent on her image. Aiman continued to dress up modestly and evolved her fashion sense in a way that made her look a lot more rooted and graceful. Aiman Khan is also one of those young and inspiring celebrities who have shown it to their young impressionable minded fans that while being in show business industry, you can still be successful without having to compromise on your values.

Ayeza Khan

Ayeza Khan is a big name of Pakistani showbiz industry. She has unlocked new levels of success with every project that she has carefully chosen. Ayeza Khan has groomed her a lot over the years. She has worked hard on herself to be in such a shape where she can carry any sort of dress, be it western or eastern. However, Ayeza Khan is one of those very few celebrities who are always mindful of what their fans like and expect from them. This is the reason Ayeza is not only popular but she is also a truly respected celebrity of Pakistan, because of the way she projects herself. Ayeza Khan is stylish and fashionable, but her choices always fall in the parameter of modesty. She never wears the kind of clothes that are revealing or immodest. She has in a true sense done justice to the beautiful culture and fashion of Pakistan by embracing it and showing how elegant and graceful one can look while wearing such dresses.

Nida Yasir

Nida Yasir has a huge portfolio. She has worked in dramas before her marriage and after getting married at a young age; she came back to the industry and ventured into hosting. People have seen Nida Yasir groom herself and evolve into a graceful lady that she is now. Nida Yasir has put a lot of effort into herself and this is the reason, after trying her hands on different styles, she has now figured out what suits her best. However, during the days when the designers would dress her up the way they wanted to, Nida always made sure to never wear such clothes which were not modest. Nida has time and again spoken about how she would always give a briefing to the designers to never send her any traditional dress without a dupatta. Nida Yasir wears both eastern and western dresses but she layers them up and is always very conscious of not showing her skin or wearing tight clothes that would reveal her figure.

Minal Khan

Minal Khan has also been a part of the industry for years now. She has also grown into a graceful young lady who knows what suits her best. Minal Khan has also made sure to always stay in touch with her roots and never dress up trying to prove that she is modern. Minal has been a part of a lot of photoshoots but she has never compromised on her personal styling and the limits she has set for herself when it comes to dressing up. This is the reason why Minal Khan always dresses up modestly and does justice to whatever she wears. Minal Khan’s personal style is casual chic, she also does a lot of layers, which goes to show that she is not comfortable with the idea of flaunting her figure and always believes in wearing comfortable loose fits.

Nimra Khan

Nimra Khan is a fresh face of the industry. She has been working in Pakistani dramas for a few years now but recently, she has worked hard on herself to be where she is. Nimra Khan has lost a lot of weight and she looks fabulous no matter what she wears. Nimra Khan is young and peppy, she is also someone who does justice to whatever she wears because she is confident and very much knows how to carry different styles. Any celebrity’s Instagram feed is enough to know their dressing sense and styling, therefore Nimra Khan’s feed shows what she is most comfortable in. She has done glamorous shoots and has been the face of leading brands but never once she has worn dresses which would’ve allowed people to question her dressing sense. Young and famous celebrities like Nimra Khan are an inspiration to their younger fans and those girls who aspire to step in this industry, that although it might take some effort, it needs clarity to stand firm on your values and not compromise on what you believe in.

Srha Asghar

Srha Asghar is a new emerging talent of the Pakistani drama industry. Srha Asghar has worked in a lot of dramas and her fitness journey is exemplary. Srha Asghar is a perfect representation of all those young and talented girls who do what it takes to make a name for them and leave a mark. Srha Asghar takes her career seriously, that is why she has lost a lot of weight and has kept a very professional approach towards this field. However, Srha Asghar is also one of those young and talented actresses who do not believe in fitting in the crowd for the sake of it. She has her own style, her own take on fashion sense which is quirky and fun. She perfectly portrays how one can rock any look, any style within the realm of modesty. Her Insta feed is filled with gorgeous pictures of both her personal and professional life, but she has never once worn any such outfit which could be labeled as immodest. She has proved that you can always make a style statement and stand out from the rest of the crowd without relying on revealing clothes.

Noor Khan

Noor Khan is another beautiful face of the Pakistani entertainment industry. She is a young and beautiful actress who has worked in a lot of dramas. Noor Khan also has such features that make her one of the top choices for promotional campaigns of leading brands. However, following the footsteps of her sister Sarah Khan, Noor has also set certain limits for herself when it comes to dressing. She has a perfect physique to carry any outfit gracefully and she does justice to whatever she wears, however she has never been seen in such clothes which would have made her look immodest. Young actresses like Noor Khan are setting the right example for the youth and they are making a loud and clear statement that you can still be a part of such a competitive industry while still staying true to yourself and your culture.

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