Top 10 Breakfast Places In Lahore For A Filling Start Of Day

FoodTop 10 Breakfast Places In Lahore For A Filling Start Of Day

best breakfast places in Lahore

A healthy and fulfilling breakfast is all you need to function correctly throughout the day. It is quite hard for everyone to wake up early and make breakfast. So, there are several best breakfast places in Lahore that offer the best you deserve to start your day.


Best Breakfast Places In Lahore

Lahoris are heartful so their first task to start their Sundays is by enjoying a scrumptious breakfast. So, if you are a Lahori and you have not tried breakfast of Lahore, you are having a major missing in your life. You will get everything from the very desi nashta menus to the high-class English breakfasts in Lahore. So, any Sunday, when you are free, feel free to treat yourself by going to the following breakfast places in Lahore. If you have not visited these places, you have not actually been to Lahore.

All these places offer a variety of tasty options according to everyone’s preferences from halwa puri, nihari, naan change, and paye to sandwiches, pancakes, omelettes and more. So, here you go.

Sadiq Halwa Puri

We are starting with the basic desi nashta menu-Halwa Puri. Halwa Puri is the most common Sunday breakfast that every one like to have. Sadiq Halwa Puri is the best eatery spot for people who want to have a healthy start to the day.

It has various branches all around Lahore. One is located in the walled city. You will find one on Ferozpur road near Shama Station. You will also find Sadiq Halwa Puri in Model Town.

The menu includes soft puris, tasty chane, a spoonful of pickle and salad, and some Halwa along. One serving of this halwa puri is fulfilling enough to make it last all day if you are not a hearty eater. But, the taste will probably make you crave more. You can get this breakfast in as less as PKR 700.

Taj Mahal Sweets

best breakfast places in Lahore

Taj Mahal Sweets is located around the premises of Badshahi Mosque in the walled city. It is located right in the hub of the eatery spots and still has managed to attract and maintain its customer’s loyalty. Taj Mahal offers one of the best halwa puris in town.

Along with its speciality in Halwa Puri, the halwa is offered in various flavours. You can get a desi ghee halwa with sprinkles of Khoya, and dry fruits. Get your hands on this meal this Sunday for only PKR 1100.

Waris Nihari

Nihari can be a good start for the day which makes you run to Waris Nihari again and again. When talking about the best places to eat in Lahore, Waris Nihari is mentioned. Waris Nihari offers a spicy option for people to start their day.

It offers Nihari in Mutton, Chicken, and Beef options. You can also get mutton and beef nihari with maghaz. You can either dine in at the place or enjoy takeout. It serves breakfast with ginger, fried onion, green chillis, coriander leaves and lemon. The spicy and sour taste of Nihari always makes you come back for more.

Bundu Khan-Desi Nashta

best breakfast places in Lahore

Bundu Khan Breakfast at The Garden by Bundu Khan in Liberty Roundabout. It offers an open-air breakfast time for the customers filled with the aroma of desi breakfast. Their speciality is puffed Halwa Puri Thaal. Though it also offers qeema, Murgh channy, Taftan and Sheermal and much more. You can enjoy both indoor and outdoor dining.

You can easily visit to the various branches with the family and enjoy your time. The quality is never compromised and the environment is worth visiting.

Capri Restaurant

If you have been to liberty, you might have definitely heard about Capri restaurant which offers a variety of desi nashta options. It offers both a dine-in and takeout option.

Get various options of Parathas, naan chane, halwa puri, nihari, paye, bong, lassi, and chai at Capri. The price is affordable. The best part is they have their kitchen unit on the outside so you can see the hygiene of the food you will be served with.

Phajja Siri Paye

best breakfast places in Lahore

If this list was ranking-based, Phajja Siri Paye must have secured the highest rank. Phajja Siri Paye is always crowded with customers for offering the best Paye bowl and Maghaz bowl. The place has customers throughout the year, there these are weekdays or weekends.

If you want to have your hands on the best paye in Lahore, you have to wake up early to buy these. It also offers a dine-in option and a separate family corner.

Chaye Khana

Pakistanis can never have their breakfast completed until they have a nice cup of Tea. So, Chaye Khana, at M.M Alam Road, offers a wide range of teas, coffees and shakes for all types of people.

Not only do you get chaye or coffee, but you also have multiple options to satisfy your appetite. The place offers a wide range of omelettes including cheese omelettes, mushroom omelettes, Spanish omelettes, Plain omelettes and more. You can also order sandwiches and pancakes for your breakfast. You might also want to order their desserts including brownies, red velvet and cheesecakes.

The ambience of Chaye Khan is soothing. The diners get a relaxing environment with light music playing in the background and the staff catering to all your need.

English Tea House

best breakfast places in Lahore

At English Tea House, you must not expect desi nashta. It was established in 2010 and since then it has gained a massive liking from the people who like to have something light for the start of their day.

English Tea House offers a wide range of omelettes in Mexican, Spanish, and French. It also provides other options like pancakes, waffles, and french toast. Along with these, you get the best desserts in town too. Order some cakes from English Tea House and keep coming back for more. So, if you are willing to try something light and high-quality for breakfast, do come to English Tea House which is one of the best breakfast places in Lahore.

Mc Donald’s

McDonald’s is always a go-to eatery spot for everyone. From Mc Donald’s, you can get breakfast wraps, Mc Muffins, Pancakes and Hashbrowns along with tea, coffee and shakes. You can get McDonald’s almost everywhere in Lahore. Their delivery service is too quick. You can place a digital order and pick up your order on time.

So, if you are always in hurry. go to McDonald’s to get your breakfast instantly.

Buttler’s Chocolate Cafe

best breakfast places in Lahore

Butler’s Chocolate Cafe offers the best of its chocolate options. Enjoy their molten lava cake, desserts, chocolate shakes, and chocolates to start your day in the best mood.

You can also find pancakes, omelettes, sausages, baked beans, toasts and much more at Butler’s along with an impressive ambience.

These were just a few best breakfast places in Lahore that you can visit on any day of the year. These places will keep your day good and will make you come back again and again. ALong with breakfast, also check our story on the top 10 restaurants of Lahore


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