Tired of Visa Processes? Here are 5 Countries Pakistani can visit Visa-Free


Travel is something that gives a new perspective to look at things, it broadens the horizons of a person’s imagination and it’s that one addiction which no doctor would ever tell you to give up. However, when and where you travel depends a lot on the passport you hold and, unfortunately, Pakistan’s passport sits at an extremely low rank. According to the website Passport Index, Pakistan’s passport is placed at 196th number out of 199 countries only above Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan.

However, this does not mean that you should give up all your traveling plans and sit back in your living room. It’s time to reevaluate your travel destinations and explore some of the most amazing places around the globe that offer visa-free or visa on arrival entry to Pakistanis. The best part about these places is that they are full of raw nature and unexplored beauty. If you are intelligent enough you can even search for some amazing discounts on air tickets and hotel bookings on sastaticket.pk. Sastaticket.pk constantly introduces new and exciting travel deals for its customers to make traveling all the more affordable.

So we here have made your life easy for you by short listing the top 5 Countries you can visit this year without applying for a visa beforehand.


The Maldives is a tropical nation in the Indian Ocean known for its beaches, blue lagoons, and extensive reefs. Unrivaled luxury, stunning white-sand beaches, and an amazing underwater world make the Maldives an obvious choice for a true holiday of a lifetime. The Maldives offers a visa on arrival for 30 days to the Pakistanis which means you just have to book a flight and embark on a life-changing journey.Tired of Visa Processes? Here are 5 Countries Pakistani can visit Visa-Free


Whether scaling the slopes of Mt. Everest or paying homage at the birthplace of the Buddha, a trip to Nepal is a top destination for many travelers. Nepal is a destination that attracts tourists from around the world, but not a lot of Pakistanis put it on top of their travel list. However, the country has everything to offer, high mountain peaks of the Himalayas, bustling cities of Khatmandu and Pokhara, the religious sites in Lumbini. Nepal offers a 90 days visa on arrival on Pakistan’s passport.Tired of Visa Processes? Here are 5 Countries Pakistani can visit Visa-Free


Tanzania is an East African country known for its vast wilderness areas. It is home to some of Africa’s most famous national parks and natural attractions, including majestic Mount Kilimanjaro. If you love safaris and wildlife-related adventures it is a place you should visit, but even if you are not you can still enjoy the beautiful beaches on the island of Zanzibar. You can get a visa for Tanzania very easily.

Trinidad and Tobago:

Trinidad and Tobago are two islands joined as one nation with very different characters. The nation provides visa-free entry to Pakistani nationals, which means that you don’t even need a visa on arrival. Here you will find some impressive examples of colonial and Renaissance-style architecture, as well as an eclectic cultural mix of Creoles, Africans, Amerindians, Europeans, and East Indians along with unbelievable beaches.


In Cambodia, ancient and modern worlds collide to create an authentic adventure. The country provides e-visa and visa on arrival to travelers with a green passport for 30 days. Some of the most amazing tourist attractions to visit in this southeast Asian nation are silver pagoda, bokor hill station, Koh Ker and Angkor Wat.

So all the travel enthusiasts, what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and get ready to experience different cultures, beautiful nature and amazing adventures.

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