Tips by Hamza Hafed Sufyan for YouTubers

BlogsTips by Hamza Hafed Sufyan for YouTubers

Hamza Hafed Sufyan’s YouTube Channel is the most popular channel in the UAE. He made videos on funny and challenging content. It quickly gained popularity on Instagram and his YouTube channel.

“Your substance or video content hugely affects your video, so I generally pick standard substance or content for my video recordings, which is the reason individuals like my videos,” he said.

He was born on 31-10-1997 at the UAE he has more than nine years of experience of comedy. He got his graduation degree from Khalifa University (Mechanical Engineering). He is currently studying master Degrees at Khalifa University (Mechanical Engineering).

He said that “I’ve seen a lot of popular YouTuber videos all over the world. If a popular YouTube video doesn’t entertain people, it’s not popular, and if their video does not entertain the people he did not gain popularity”.

Mr. Hamza Hafed Sufyan shared some useful times for new comedians and YouTubers.

Hamza Hafed Sufyan shared some great tips for YouTube’s little stars. He suggested a useful technique that can help you develop your YouTube Channel very quickly. And very soon you can become very big stars.

  • Hamza Hafed Sufyan said that these days everyone uses social media like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, and TikTok. All you’ve to try to do is learn the techniques of social media marketing. And every one of these techniques is available on YouTube and Google.
  • Hamza Hafed Sufyan said that “Create your products and add them to a handcart. Then use YouTube to market them. Add a link to your product in your video’s description, in order that viewers can purchase.”
  • After you’ve created several videos, it’s time to hitch the YouTube Partner Program. All you’d wish to attempt to enable your channel for monetization, and you’ll receive your share of the income from advertising on YouTube. Just as the YouTube stars do, you’ll get purchased every thousand views on your videos. Click this link to urge started – your initiative is to verify your channel.
  • “People who make funny videos or acting videos on their YouTube channels they need to pay more attention to their body language and facial expression so that they can get more attention,” he said.


In addition to all of this, Mr. Hamza Hafed Sufyan, on a regular basis, continues to publish support equipment for new comedians, instructing people on how to make videos that will quickly become popular.

Hamza Hafed Sufyan loves his country a lot he hosts many events on National Day. In which he interviews a lot of people and gives some challenges to the people and celebrates his national day with great enthusiasm. He also contributed to many national songs. He also does a lot for the welfare of the poor people of his country. He donates money from his income for the sake of these people.

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