Man throws shoe at Nawaz Sharif: Is humiliation of parliamentarians next phase in politics of Pakistan?

Islamabad, Pakistan: The incident of throwing a shoe at former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif at Jamia Naeemia in Lahore on Sunday after the incident of throwing ink on the face of Foreign Minister Kh Asif and the incident of throwing shoe over Interior Minister Ahsan Iqbal took place in their respective constituencies when they were visiting their hometowns indicates that those who do not believe in Parliament are now in top gear to erode respect of parliamentarians and the parliament itself well before forthcoming 2018 General Elections in Pakistan.


Is it not a systematic move to abuse, malign and slender political figures whosoever are standing with former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif? Will it will happen with Kh Saad Rafique soon? Or with anybody else who talks about supremacy of parliamentarians and parliament. Is it not a move to tell that parliamentarians can publicly be humiliated in their own constituencies?

humiliation of parliamentarians next phase in politics of Pakistan
Man throws shoe at Nawaz Sharif in Jamia Naeemia: Is humiliation of parliamentarians next phase in politics of Pakistan?

Political analysts believe that 2018 elections would hot and rough for PMLN and it would at target of many forces who do not believe in supremacy of parliament.













Incidents of humiliating parliamentarians have not received support from civil society and thousands of persons having no links with politics condemn this new kind of behavior emerging into Pakistani politics.





Parliamentarians and parliament is already under fire in Pakistan since last four years but the factor of physical humiliation is now entering into scene when General elections of 2018 are not far and politicians will have to go to public for their election campaigning.

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