This Is Why Haval Jolion Can Sweep The SUV Competition!!

Haval Jolion has more overall potential than the rest. Is this claim true? Find it out here.

Haval Jolion – The Next Promising SUV


A few days back, we revealed the news of Haval SUVs coming to Pakistan. The upcoming SUVs will be launched under the joint partnership of Sazgar Motors and Great Wall Motors of China(GWT). While we still await the launch of Haval Jolion in Pakistan, there are some interesting details about the SUV that can make it the obvious choice. So what are these highlights? Let’s find out below.

Haval Jolion Pakistan

Futuristic Exterior And Interior

First thing first, the design part of the upcoming Jolion is very well handled. The exterior design starting from the headlamps to the taillights represents a highly futuristic impression. This means that if you buy this SUV, you can stay relevant in the auto market for a longer period of time.

Haval Jolion Pakistan

If we talk about the interior, you will be able to find fine attention to detail. The dashboard is stitched beautifully throughout the front. Unlike the obvious competition in the market including KIA Sportage and Hyundai Tucson, Jolion has a premium look and feel of interior quality. There are very few buttons to operate making it a simple yet futuristic car. Moreover, you can get your Jolion in three interior color options: brown and black, maroon and black, and all black.

Haval Jolion Pakistan

Furthermore, the entertainment cluster has a huge display with multiple vehicle control features which are missing in other vehicles of the category.

Lane-Keep Safety Feature

This is one of the major highlights of Haval Jolion. Among the long list of safety features offered in this upcoming vehicle, one feature really stands out. We have previously observed the lane assist safety feature in most of the recently launched vehicles.

Haval takes it to the next level by offering a lane-keep safety feature in Jolion. This intelligent feature takes control of the car’s steering to keep it in the lane. Moreover, this feature also comes in handy with the adaptive cruise control feature of the SUV. If you experience it on the highways while you use the cruise control, Jolion will automatically manage to keep the lane even on the curves.

If you are looking to buy a sub-compact SUV with a futuristic design, powerful performance, premium interior detail, and highly useful safety features, Haval Jolion can surely sweep the race for you.

Please note that the company is currently testing the car and will launch it in the upcoming months within this year. We will keep you posted with the launch details and official features.



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