Beware! This Fake Coronavirus Vaccine Is Being Sold in Pakistan

BlogsBeware! This Fake Coronavirus Vaccine Is Being Sold in Pakistan

Corona Virus has become death for not only people but businesses and industries around the world. But while it has been heavier on everything else, the pharmaceutical and medicine industry has benefited a lot. With more and more people taking supplements, medicines, and giving funding to the large organizations for developing a Coronavirus vaccine, the revenue generated by them knows no bounds.

Beware Pakistanis! This Fake Coronavirus Vaccine Is Being Sold
This is what the actual vaccine produced by Pfizer looks like!

In the midst of this all, the quacks and charlatans have found a way to earn money while risking the lives of hundreds and thousands of Pakistanis. This is all being done via a fake coronavirus vaccine circulating in the market.

Which Coronavirus Vaccine Is Available In Pakistan?

For now, there is no Coronavirus vaccine available in the country. Right now, a few trials are being done in China, the UK, USA with the mass-production of vaccines but no batch has been bought by Pakistan yet. Moreover, there are also local vaccine trials but by Agha Khan University Hospital only that is taking authorized volunteers with their permission to take the vaccine in regular intervals to see the effectiveness.

In short, there is no full-proof solution to avoid the virus for now in the country. Hence, anything that claims otherwise is false and illegal, to say the least. The country is still struggling and except AKUH nobody has been able to start successful trials to find the right vaccination and cure for the deadly pandemic.

What Is This Fake Vaccine About?

Just recently, a picture of the vaccine has started spreading over social media. Fortunately, the social media virality it got is with the message that it is fake, and no one should be taking it. The vaccine claims that it is by the renowned pharmaceutical giant, Pfizer, and is in form of a nasal spray. We all know there is no way that Pfizer will be producing and circulating an unauthorized vaccine, but since the company is the first one in the world to introduce it in the UK, people found their chance to use the name to replicate a fake one.

The price and other details of the dosage being recommended are currently unknown, but the vaporizing spray claiming to offer protection against the Coronavirus is fake. Here is the picture of the vaccine so you know what to look out for and spot if you come across a fake one.

Beware! This Fake Coronavirus Vaccine Is Being Sold in Pakistan
This is the fake vaccine being sold in Pakistan and is produced wrongfully under the Pfizer name!

The message circulating alongside the vaccine allegedly by the doctor who first spotted it. This message has been taken from various Facebook groups who are now also working to spread awareness:

“Fake Covid 19 vaccine on sale in pharmacies now in Pakistan.

“A fellow senior Dow grad who is chief of ID at Shifa Hosp, Islamabad sent this. Warn people you know in Pakistan about it.

“They are selling this one as a vaporizer spray.”

Are Any Actions Taken Against The Circulation?

For now, I haven’t heard of the government and the concerned health authorities taking any action and doing a crackdown on the bogus industries that are mass-producing and circulating this vaccine. No action against pharmacies who are stocking it has been taken yet. Pfizer’s Pakistan team has also not given any statement against the incompetence of the industries while clearing its name.

I think that the news still hasn’t gone viral and it might take some time for the right authorities to take action. But till then, if you see this vaccine being sold anywhere you need to report to the local authorities all the while making sure you and the other people around you do not take the dosage. God knows what ingredients it is made of and what health repercussions it can have.

Kainaat Maqbool
Kainaat Maqbool
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