Thirty held in Mumbai bar raid

Mumbai: Police arrested at least 30 persons including 14 young girls suspected to be involved in prostitution during a bar raid in Mumbai. The Dispatch News Desk (DND) reported.

“Around 30 people have been arrested including 14 bar girls, six waiters, six customers, two managers and one conductor. The owner has also been detained. Also, currency worth rupees 82,000 has also been recovered,” said Firoz Patel, Assistant Commissioner of Police. The bustling business and entertainment capital Mumbai is a popular source, transit and destination station for traffic in women and girls.

Acting on a tip-off the raid was conducted at the ”Sangam Bar” after local police received information about a large number of bar girls and prostitution being practiced at the bar. Customers and owners along with bar girls were caught red handed during a surprise inspection by policemen dressed as civilians.

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