Things you can do to make money on internet

As a freelance writer and tech expert, I am often bombarded with various questions from people who have a tough time adapting to the concept that someone can actually earn real money via the internet. Some of the questions I regularly get asked, along with their answers are:

“Do you really get paid for doing stuff online?”


No, I just like staring at my computer screen, typing like a madman for no reason. Don’t you know fairies come and feed me food?

“But how does it work?”

It works just like any other job you might have, you do the work, deliver it to the client and he pays you.


How to make money online

“Ah, but what if he decides to double cross you?”

Well, yes that is a very real possibility when you’re earning online and it does happen more times than we would like to admit. That is why most of us prefer working through intermediary services which ensure both parties deliver their end of the deal.


“So, I just click on those Ads in my browser and get started?”

Um, NO! Most of those ads are often nothing but scams designed to rip people off. If you really are interested in earning some serious money online, there are certain steps you should take.

“What are those steps?”

For starters, just like any job, you have to make peace with the fact that you will have to start from the bottom of the barrel. There are no shortcuts (except maybe for dumb luck)! You have to recognize what jobs you’re well suited for, whether you are a great writer, a proofreader or perhaps even a great teacher.

“But, what if I can’t do any of those things?”

Well, it still doesn’t matter. There are a ton of other jobs available for you to try out as well. These include taking online surveys, filling in CAPTCHA codes, filling data entry forms or just sitting and viewing ads! Of course, just like the real world, each job has a different pay out rate which is determined by your speed, quality of work and diligence to meet deadlines.

“Do these jobs have a set timetable?”

Again, this very much depends on the job you’re about to take. While most employers don’t really care when and how you work as long as you meet the deadlines, there are certain jobs which require you to be online during certain parts of the day. You have to realize that online jobs can range from part time, extra money making or skill honing projects to real 9 to 5 jobs. Of course, most of them just have the added benefit of working from the comfort of your home.

“So, where do I go to get started?”

That is a really excellent question. You can start by making a proper, well detailed account on websites such as Upwork, Freelancer, Toptal, Craigslist etc. All of these websites are internationally recognized and are reliable. Do remember, an account on these websites is just like your professional CV, so take it seriously and be prepared to back up everything you boast about. So, no going around saying you were the one who used to sing backup for One Direction.


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