The Ultimate Care and Maintenance Guide for Jackets

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Are you tossing your jackets wildly into your washing Tumblr and giving them a merciless spin? Save yourself from destroying your jackets every winter season and follow a simple care and maintenance guide for jackets.


Care and maintenance of jackets


Jackets are lifesavers in the winter season becasue one layer of a perfectly insulated jacket can save you from the cold air piercing through the clothes into your body and making you sick. Don’t forget about jackets upgrading your style. So, if one piece of clothing gives you so much, what are you doing for it? Wasting your money by not being careful about washing and storing your jackets?

There are a lot of factors to consider before buying jackets in winter among which durability is a main concern. There are a lot of simple and easy tips that increase the durability and longevity of jackets.

Care and Maintenance Guide for Jackets

If you are always concerned about your jackets losing their richness, you are doing something wrong while washing, drying, or storing them. Below is a list of tips you need to follow to keep your jackets looking as new as ever.

  1. Read the Instructions Label
  2. Don’t wash too often
  3. Don’t iron
  4. Spot Cleaning
  5. Air-dry your jackets
  6. Dry Clean when Needed
  7. Use the Gentle Cycle while Machine Washing
  8. Zip up your jackets while Storing
  9. Cover your Jackets in Wardrobe
  10. Never Vaccum Seal
  11. Avoid Direct Sunlight
  12. Protect from Sharp Objects

Read the Instructions Label

Care and maintenance of jackets

The prior tip for maintaining your jackets in perfect health for a long time is to read the instruction label provided by the manufacturer. It gives all the basic details about cleaning, drying, and ironing different types of jackets. If you follow those instructions to maintain your jacket’s look, it can give you a good return on the money you spend.

Don’t Wash Too Often

Care and maintenance of jackets

Until and unless your jacket is visibly dirty, you don’t need to wash after each wear. You should not wash your jackets or coats too often because it breaks the insulation and strips off the richness of jackets. So, try dry cleaning or spot cleaning before going for a full Tumblr wash.

Use a Gentle Cycle while Machine Washing

Care and maintenance of jackets

After continuous use, the inner fabric of jackets absorbs sweat and dust which makes them smell and look dirty. So, you have to wash them in a gentle cycle that does not break the insulation and strip the jacket of its natural look. While machine washing, use a mild detergent, read the label instructions, and keep all the zips and buttons fastened to maintain the shape.

Don’t iron

How to take care of jackets

Ironing can do some serious damage to the fabric and insulation of your jackets. To prevent this damage, keep iron far away for better care and maintenance of jackets. However, if you still feel the need to even out all the wrinkles for a sophisticated look, try hanging them straight. If the wrinkles still don’t leave, use a steam iron at low heat to smoothen the wrinkles.

Spot Cleaning

How to take care of jackets

Spilt your drink or food on your jacket? Or did a car rush by you splashing dirt on your jacket along the roadside? You don’t need to worry about the never-ending process of washing and drying your jackets. You can simply use a spot-cleaning method by targeting the spot rather than a complete wash.

To do this, slightly wet the spot and dab a bit of mild detergent. Let it sit for some time then brush the spot using a light hand to scrap off the stain. Use a clean wet cloth to wash off the detergent and let it air-dry.

Air Dry your Jackets

Care and maintenance of jackets

Jackets, especially bomber jackets, leather jackets, woollen blazers, or puffer jackets, are very sensitive when it comes to care and maintenance of jackets. They require special care, especially while drying. Tossing them inside a drying Tumblr and letting them violently spin can break the insulation which makes them useless. Therefore, it is important to air dry your jackets while hanging so they keep their original shape.

Dry Clean when needed

The ideal care and maintenance of jackets is to dry clean. Some jackets have delicate fabrics and insulation material that cannot be dealt with with machine washing or spot cleaning. Therefore, go for a professional dry cleaning method to keep the longevity of jackets and coats.

Zip your Jackets while Storing

While storing your jackets, keep the zips and buttons fastened so their original shape remains. It is better to store them in a hanging position to prevent wrinkles and losing their shape. In case of folding, do large folds as it prevents compression and wrinkles.

Cover your Jackets in Wardrobe

Care and maintenance of jackets

We should not wash jackets too often but the question is how to lengthen the time without washing jackets. When not in use, do not leave your jackets uncovered in the wardrobe. It attracts dirt from the environment so cover them with a polythene garment bag which will keep dust away and prevent friction from other clothes.

Never Vaccum Seal

How to take care of jackets

Vacuum sealing is a good way of storing your clothes in a compact space. It works fine for other clothes but using vacuum seals on jackets is doing nothing but harm. While you think about space-saving, it compresses the insulation in the quilted jackets making them lose their pluffiness and appearance. Rather than compressing, store your jackets in an open breathable place without overcrowding.

Avoid Direct Sunlight

Store and air-dry your jackets away from direct sunlight. Sunlight can hurt them by causing the material fabric to fade its vibrancy, and shine, and weaken the fabric. so, avoid sun drying for increased longevity.

Protect from Sharp Objects

Sharp objects can tear quilted jackets and break the insulation which makes them look damaged and affect their warmth. So, keep sharp objects away from your clothes while washing and storing them so there are no accidental damages.


For the care and maintenance of jackets in winter, you need to follow these basic tips. These tips will help you increase the longevity and durability of jackets as promised by different jacket brands in Pakistan. You will not only look great in jackets but also save your money on buying new jackets.

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