The Story of Gul Panrra from Coke Studio Season 8

Gul Panrra is a rising star out of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Say what you can about Coke Studio but the hit musical program has managed to provide a national platform to propel the careers of quite a few artists. Every season not only do we get to hear a new take on old classics, but we also get to experience the sensation of discovering a rising star and their journey towards the main spotlight. This season, the spotlight undoubtedly has set upon Gul Panrra.Coke Studio Season 8 Gul Panra

I know not everyone may be a fan of her duet, “Man Amadeh Am” with Atif Aslam but we still can’t ignore the magic and talent her voice holds. That is why it came to no one’s surprise when just after one appearance she became a trend on social media outlets. From wannabe music critics to your average joe, almost everyone had something to say about the Urdu and Farsi mix song. While everyone knew who Atif Aslam was one question many were asking was, “Who is this gorgeous and extremely talented girl?”

Gul Panrra is a rising star out of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, where apart from having a huge local fan following, she also acts as the brand ambassador of several local products. Gul Panrra is a Masters graduate from University of Peshawar, majoring in social work and has released 3 studio albums as well as singing the soundtracks of several Pashto films. Belonging to a somewhat conservative family, she did face some opposition in her early career, however she overcame that and has went on to become the latest heartthrob of Pakistan. Gul Panrra has also held some international concerts in UAE, Qatar, and Afghanistan, all places where she was highly appreciated for her talent.

No matter which road Coke Studio takes, we are certainly proud to admit that we belong to such a versatile nation of artists and dreamers and are surely glad that these talented individuals are getting their chance to shine in the lime light.