The story behind preventive detention of Hafiz Saeed



Lahore, Pakistan: “The Federal Government of Pakistan was left with no option just to pass orders for preventive detention of Hafiz Saeed”.

This was claimed by sources who added that the Chief of Jamaat ud Dawa (JuD) Hafiz Saeed was asked by government several time to minimize his public appearances but he was not listening anybody.

Meanwhile, Hafiz Saeed claimed before his preventive detention that the decision was taken due to Trump-Modi close relationship. However, media reports suggest that decision for controlling his activities was taken in December 2016 and Saeed was directed by government to minimize his public appearance but he accelerated his public appearance instead of following government directions. He said he has no problem with United States but it is India that is putting pressure on USA to take action against him.



In a video clip he recorded while sitting in a car after receiving orders of his preventive detention at the Qadisiyyah Mosque near Chouburji in Lahore, Hafiz Saeed said that he had received orders for his detention and believed that orders came due to international pressure building up to snub Kashmir cause due to Trump-Modi diplomatic partnership.

The story behind preventive detention of Hafiz Saeed
Orders for preventive detention of Hafiz Saeed

It may be mentioned that there were reports appeared in Pakistani media in December 2016 that the federal government was considering to ban public appearance of Hafiz Muhammad Saeed due to international diplomatic pressure. Ban on public appearance could be clubbed with ban on publication and broadcasting of his statements in print as well as in electronic media. Sources said that message was conveyed to Hafiz Saeed to minimize his public appearances but he acted contrary and accelerated his public appearances all over the country.

“Government had no other option just to detain him at his office cum residence because he was not listening authorities”, claimed sources in Islamabad.

The Ministry of Interior had to release a Most Urgent Orders on January 29, 2017 for including him on Watch List along with his four important leaders.

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