The Real face of “Digital India”

The Real face of “Digital India”


By Shahid Nadeem


The desire of India for regional hegemony is a default setting which now needs to be fixed.

Her notion of the greater India is not let her to be a stable country and slogan after slogan from Mahabharat , shining India or Digital India seems a failure one after another.

India is a country where the world largest poor  population lives and country is now struggling to save the secular face which is key to unite the present map though Kashmir and  the Maoist  movements are enough to damage India’s ideological spectrum.

The effort to convert India into a Hindu State can be turn into a bombshell, trigger any time a missive Muslim moment  as Muslims are already  suppressed  since the time of Indian subcontinent division. India as a country never consumed the creation of Pakistan, imposed war on Pakistan in 1965 but not succeed to fragmenting Pakistan and finally the hate ended with the exploitation and  an open involvement in East Pakistan and succeed to create a new nation Bangladesh —–a very tricky move which buried the greater Bangla theory and save the West Bengal the larger part of Bengali  population  lies with India.

Let us talk the present India where ban on consumption of beef and curb on minority rights are headlines of newspapers. Indian government is using his influence on sports and recently they refuse to host Pakistan cricket team.  On the external front, one can see how India is dealing with the neighboring countries. Recently, Nepal was on the row of rough treatement from India when it adopted the long waiting constitution independently without the Indian Influence and India has refused to welcome this change as India always consider Nepal as its second fiddle.

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Nepal’s decision to go ahead with its constitution amendments despite India’s advice had “put a strain” on Indo-Nepal ties .

Mr. Modi of “Shining India” came with blockade along the India-Nepal border and not allowing the essential supplies and this act negates Modi’s “Neighborhood First” Model.

Instead of helping Nepal through the difficult process of adopting a new constitution, New Delhi has sulked and acted as colonial Master at the eve of jubilation Nepali nation shocked by the reactions from New Delhi and then wide spread protests against India started  and now people are showing their anger on the street as well as on social media,  #backoffIndia gained popularity across the Nepal, cable operators shut down the Indian Channel, the two countries relation went down all time low, A country  which already struggling due to devastating earthquake now surfing due to recent Indian move , Nepal is heavily depending on India as a land-locked country so the blockade brings shortage of essential items and petrol and street in Kathmandu looks deserted not much public transport available, it is India who never allowed the SAARC nation to trade with each other for example Nepal can get easy excess to Bangladesh and its ports, Bangladesh is just 100 km from its border but India wants all the neighbors to act as tiny states.

India kept eating Nepal in past and territories included Darjeeling and whole Sikkim to the east, to the South-east, Nanital to the south-west and Kumaon Kingdom, Gadhwal Kingdom and Bashahar to the west were part of Nepal in past.

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On many occasions, Nepal demanded and raised the issue that India should return the lost land to Nepal which was taken back in 18th century through a treaty called Sugauli treaty between East India Company and King of Nepal following the Anglo-Nepalese war. This treaty caused Nepal to lose about 105,000 km territory and left Nepal as she is today.The treaty is no more in existence after the British Ruler left India.

India must behave well if it wishes to avoid wrath of nature because nature does not like those who behave as gods on earth.

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