All You Need To Know About The Most Expensive Burger In Lahore

FoodAll You Need To Know About The Most Expensive Burger In Lahore

Whether a late-night craving, dinner or lunch meal or an untimely hunger, a burger can go for every hunger pang. Since burgers are all-rounders, they are available in versatility. From the classic anday wala burger to the high end most expensive burger in Lahore, who can say no to them? So, burgers can be of different price ranges yet too appetizing in all of the ranges if you know the best places to get them.

What’s The Most Expensive Burger In Lahore?

Coming to the fact that the innovation in the making and flavours of burgers has heightened the price limits. Can you imagine the most expensive burger in Lahore to be of more than Rs. 3000? Isn’t that a lot for a single meal? Anyways, this insanely high price might have intrigued many people to risk spending their money to experience the uniqueness of these burgers. Thus, here is a list of the burgers that are available at the highest prices. The list goes from lowest to highest price. 


Dock27- Deli Minced Steak Burgers

Most expensive burger in Lahore

Dock27 offers a nautical ambiance with perfectly spicy continental food. The burgers are too scrumptious to resist. Yet the price may make you resist if you are a spendthrift. However, the taste is worth spending. Dock27 offers its beat Deli Minced Steak Burger with a tender beef patty glazed with melted mozzarella cheese and mushrooms. The bun is soft and tasty on its own. The diners can get fries and macaroni on the side. For all this, you need to pay Rs. 1,300.

Cosa Nostra- ll Pesce Burger

Have you gotten sick of eating chicken or beef burgers? Worry no more. Cosa Nostra brings a different taste for your taste buds. The ll Pesce Burger is a fish burger in the price range of Rs. 1,400. The soft and supple bun holds a tender and juicy fish fillet that could make you come back again.

Cafe Alyanto-Black Angus Burger

This burger blends Angus beef, caramelized onions, swiss cheese, and an airy bun. The taste seems too good to satisfy every single taste bud on your tongue. This heavenly taste comes in Rs. 2,000.

Amavi-Wagyu Burger

Most expensive burger in Lahore

For the right blend of sweet and savory, spend Rs. 3,500 on this Wagyu burger from Amavi. It contains wagyu beef patty, Camembert cheese, and mushrooms. It is one of the most expensive burgers in Lahore. However, the ambiance of the restaurant and the perfect blend of all the spices will do justice to your spending. 

Oak and Suede- Umami burger

Most expensive burger in Lahore

Do you think that the above-mentioned was the most expensive? Here comes the beat in the competition for the most expensive burger in Lahore. This Umami burger costs Rs. 3,900. For this price range, the burgers seem too basic. But, the making is too personalized and carefully done. Chefs make this burger with premium quality ingredients including the medium-rare Wagyu beef fillet. You can also enjoy truffle fries with these buns as well at Oak and Suede. 

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