The Legend Of Maula Jatt Trailer Is Finally Out!

EntertainmentThe Legend Of Maula Jatt Trailer Is Finally Out!

The legend of Maula Jatt

Wait only till October and you will get a blockbuster that you had been waiting for, for years. For people who were demanding something different from the film industry, now have The Legend Of Maula Jatt Trailer on the go. It has been a few days since the trailer came out and it is intricating the audience to watch it on repeat. 

The Legend of Maula Jatt is a project of a successful producer of Pakistani films. He is an aspirant to make a big success at the box office. As per his success history, his movie, Waar 2013 broke all the records of Pakistani movies at the Box Office. Since then Lashari has created his worth in the industry. The legend of Maula Jatt took many years to come to the cinemas because of censorship issues. However, when every tit and bit is sorted out, The Legend Of Maula Jatt Trailer is finally out. Moreover, the makers have also revealed that the movie will come out on 13th October 2022. 

The legend of Maula Jatt Trailer


As it is the production of Lashari Films and Ammara Hikmat’s Encyclomedia, we can expect that the budget is high. The movie is star-studded, including some big names from the industry. We will see great on-screen chemistry between Fawad Khan as Maula Jatt and Mahira Khan as Mukkho. Along with these two, we have the talented Hamza Ali Abbasi as Noori Natt, Humaima Malik as Daro, Faris Shafi as Mooda, and Gohar Rasheed as Makha. 

The Legend Of Maula Jatt Trailer Reveal

All the above-mentioned characters look entirely engrossed in their characters. This is going to be a successful Punjabi language movie. So, all the actors adopted to speak the Punjabi language even though they did not know how to. As The Legend Of Maula Jatt Trailer reveals, the characters have done a splendid job. 

The story is a reenactment of Yunus Malik’s 1979 classical movie, “Maula Jatt”. It focuses on a long-rooted rivalry between Maula Jatt and Noori Natt. It provides a perfect blend of a thrilling rivalry between two enemies. The movie also includes a steamy love story between Maula Jatt and Mukkho. 


The legend of Maula Jatt Trailer

The whole trailer seems a blockbuster even before its official release. Because it is not a casual and stereotypical Pakistani rom-com. This distance from the mainstream topic and heavy investment in the production makes it stand out among the ones we already have in our cinemas. Here’s why.

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The actors are excited about the long-awaited release. Every one of them has gone the extra mile to make justice with the script. The whole movie has the potential to reach the Pakistani audience as well as provide a unique watch for the overseas audience. 

Mahira Khan said, “ No matter what project I promote I’m asked about ‘The Legend of Maula Jatt.’ This was a unique experience for me as an actor, learning to act in a language that I don’t know specifically was a challenge I enjoyed. I believe greater things happen when hard work and patience are combined.”

The legend of Maula Jatt trailer

Fawad Khan also shared his opinion in the following words, “It gives me immense pleasure and is an honour to play the role of legendary Maula Jatt. It was an absolute joy working with the team. I wish us all the very best of luck to all and I hope the audience enjoys it as much as I enjoyed it during the making.”

Lashari, the producer also said, “A ten-year journey of creating an impossible film will conclude this October in a cinema near you.” Moreover, Hikmat, the co-producer said, “I hope this film 

After Waar 2013, The Legend of Maula Jatt Trailer is radiating the light of success, enthusiasm, and an upcoming record-breaking buster movie. The wait is over and the audience and makers are going to get what they were waiting for. The censorship issues are clear, TLOMJ has no hindrance in the way to making a home in the audience’s hearts. 


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