The Fall of Kabul: Europe is not Ready to Pay for US War Gambling

Monitoring Desk: “European allied members of United States are no longer ready to compromise their economies for US-triggered war and Washington understands this reality”.


This was expressed in a Talk Show “Hard Beat” with Dr. Sajjad Bukhari on Channel 51 on Wednesday evening.

While discussing US President Biden Speech on the End of the War in Afghanistan, Prague-based foreign affairs expert Shazia Anwer Cheema was of the view that the address of President Biden was full of confusion and an attempt for hiding realities because the US is not ready to categorically confess that it has faced historic defeat in war and it had lost credibility of being unbeatable and undefeatable power though it is still the superpower. She said that Europe now realized that the US kept engaging European allies in so-called wars for peace during the last three decades and European productivity and economy had hampered manifolds. Dr. Sajjad Bukhari and Shazia Anwer Cheema were of the view that President Biden was saying that end of the Afghan War is also linked to doing something to deal with the rising of China and Russian factor then why did NATO allies not stop the war when they found Osama Bin Laden in May 2011 and why did they stay in the region for more ten years?

Europe is not ready to pay for US war gambling
Europe is not ready to pay for US war gambling

Foreign Affairs expert Shazia Anwer Cheema was of the opinion that the US President indicated that the US would not engage itself in new wars and this indication is not due to some kind of peace-loving behavior of the United States rather Europe has become conscious and does not want to be used ruthlessly by Washington for US agendas. She stated that the US is a war gambler and Kabul’s defeat would keep itself away from war gambling for sometimes but not forever and the US would anytime come up with some new justification to attack another country.

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