The drop scene of the disappearance of Poet Ahmad Farhad raises several questions

The drop scene of the disappearance of Poet Ahmad Farhad raises several...

Islamabad, Pakistan:  Poet Ahmad Farhad has been found in prison in Azad Kashmir and Attorney General of Pakistan Mansoor Awan presented a report to Justice Mohsin Akhtar Kayani that poet Farhad Ali is currently in the custody of Dhirkot Azad Kashmir Police.

According to the FIR presented by AGP, the accused Farhad Ali was riding along with his companions in a white carry which was stopped by the police near Kohala Chowk for a routine checkup of the vehicle and found Syed Farhad Ali Shah, son of Syed Hussain Shah, who belongs to Bagh Azad Kashmir. In interrogation, the accused informed the police that he along with his companions went to his native place Bagh Azad Kashmir from Rawalpindi. The accused was wanted by the Azad Kashmir police for his alleged involvement in inciting the people of Azad Kashmir to riot and terrorism cases.


It is worth noting here that the petition of the missing persons case was filed by the wife of poet through lawyer Iman Mazari, while senior journalist Hamid Mir also appeared in the court as a judicial assistant.

For the last 3-4 days, this case gained great importance when Justice Mohsin Akhtar Kayani made indiscriminate sentences on the state institutions, especially their officials, and remarks of Justice Kayani were accusations against intelligence agencies which were also given extensive media coverage.

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Here are some very important questions that need to be answered. Doesn’t the arrest of poet Farhad Ali today and remaining in hiding for so many days reinforce the narrative of the law enforcement agencies that most of the missing persons are those who hide themselves? are also confirming that the said Farhad Ali was in self-imposed hiding due to the fear of his possible arrest due to the deaths during the riots in Azad Kashmir. He was going to hide in the Bagh district and was caught by police. The accusations made by the honorable judges on the state institutions without any evidence and the uproar, and because of which the international media and the reputation of the state institutions in the world have been damaged.

Poet Ahmad Farhad
Poet Ahmad Farhad

Several questions are being asked by legal circles in Pakistan, including whether there will be any suo motu by the higher judiciary for asking Justice Kiyani why he passed remarks against the intelligence agencies without credible information. , do the honorable judges of the judiciary have the power to make such baseless accusations against the state institutions and officials for personal and political point-scoring without evidence, to ridicule them whenever judges wish to do so? is there any apology for this?

At present, the number of Pakistan’s judiciary is 130 out of 142 in the judicial ranking. The backlog of cases is currently around 22,260,000. Will the judiciary ever pay enough attention to the pending cases so that the dignity of the judiciary can be increased and the problems of the people can be solved? The issue of missing persons is very complex and requires consideration. The honorable judiciary should be careful in choosing words in cases under hearing on such complex cases based on mere assumptions and concerns, especially regarding state institutions.

Farhad’s case is a textbook example of what was a self-proclaimed missing person case but it was unnecessarily implicated by targeting state institutions and officials which is very unfortunate.

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