The book “How Does Superclass Rule Nations? —A Case Study from Pakistan” explains the social engineering in Pakistan

EducationThe book “How Does Superclass Rule Nations? ---A Case Study from Pakistan”...

Lahore, Pakistan: A book titled “How does Superclass Rule Nations? —A Case Study from Pakistan” was recently launched in Islamabad that deals with techniques the elite class allegedly uses to subjugate the public and the author of the book Agha Iqrar Haroon who is international award-winning journalist calls this elite group as “Superclass” because it is strongly interlaced, intermixed and intermingled therefore it interacts to protect their interests.

Responding to questions from universities students on Sunday, author Agha Iqrar Haroon who has been in the field of journalism since 1988 and appears in national and international media as an analyst and political scientist, said that being a student of Philosophy and History (from Government College Lahore), it was his desire to share and transfer his knowledge and ideas to the youth he gathered in last 35 years while covering politics, foreign affairs, and defence beats as a reporter because documentation of the events was an integral part of documenting the history of any society.


He was of the view that philosophers had always been interested in gathering issues involving the concept of truth. He believes that the principle issue is: What is Truth? The most important theories of Truth are the Correspondence Theory, the Semantic Theory, Deflationary Theory, the Coherence Theory, and the Pragmatic Theory but every theory has its additional issues. An initial issue is to decide what sorts of things can be true. Is Truth a property of sentences (which are linguistic entities of written and spoken language), or is Truth a property of propositions (nonlinguistic, abstract, and timeless entities)?

He believes that the Pakistani nation is the victim of well-designed propaganda managed by the Superclass that keeps offering suggestions and stimulations to the public to keep it confused.

He is of the view that contemporary propagandists hired by Superclass while producing any content, material, and object, performing art usually follow rules introduced by Greek and Roman empires and described by Orwell and these guidelines harvest a theme of —- All Art Is Propaganda. He is of the opinion that the superclass while controlling all sources and resources of power uses almost all popular techniques to manipulate our thinking by spreading confusion about what is right and wrong eventually superclass steals the power of meaning-making from our perception and then we are at the mercy of the superclass and lack of knowledge of history, blind trust over the State are two of the main weaknesses of ordinary people in our society and they pay a heavy price for this in the form of subjugation or becoming victims.

He is of the view that his book “How does Superclass Rule Nations? —A Case Study from Pakistan” will help youth to understand the political and social engineering Pakistan has faced since independence.

The book can be read/downloaded to click this link  



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