The Best Pre School in Ajman: Elina Garden Nursery

UAEAjmanThe Best Pre School in Ajman: Elina Garden Nursery

The Best Pre School in Ajman: Elina Garden Nursery


  • Introduction
  • Unique Internationalized Community Standard
  • Qualified Teachers, Support Staff, and Balanced Curriculum
  • Spacious Campus, Engaging Activities, and Language Development
  • Summer Programs, Field Trips, Outdoor Visits, and Self-Learning
  • Nursery Policies: Drop-off, Pickup, Personal Property, and Cancellation
  • Essentials and Well-being: Attire, Diapers, Hydration, Nutrition, and Health Measures
  • FAQ
  • Conclusion

Elina Garden Nursery in Ajman is an exceptional daycare and children’s development center that provides a nurturing environment for children aged 0 to 4 years. With its internationalized community standard, qualified teachers, and engaging activities, Elina Garden Nursery stands as one of the best preschools in Ajman.

The Best Pre School in Ajman

Unique Internationalized Community Standard:

Elina Garden Nursery believes in fostering cultural awareness and empathy in young children. By encouraging an understanding of their cultural heritage and participating in the culture of others, they empower children to empathize with and appreciate different circumstances and values.


Qualified Teachers, Support Staff, and Balanced Curriculum:

The Best Pre School in Ajman
The nursery boasts a highly qualified team of international and regional teachers dedicated to each child’s holistic development. Alongside the teachers, they have a compassionate support staff that meets your child’s every need. The curriculum carefully balances academics, arts, physical activities, and language development, preparing children for a bright future.

Spacious Campus, Engaging Activities, and Language Development:

With a spacious campus and a well-equipped outdoor play area, Elina Garden Nursery offers ample opportunities for children to explore and engage in physical activities. All classrooms in the campus are creatively decorated each week based on different themes, providing children with a new and exciting atmosphere. Language development is given equal importance, with dedicated time for teaching English and Arabic and fostering communication skills.

Summer Programs, Field Trips, Outdoor Visits, and Self-Learning:

The Best Pre School in Ajman

During the summer, the school offers swimming and water pool sessions, supervised by qualified teachers. They also organize educational field trips and outdoor visits to parks, playing zones, and the zoo. These activities promote self-learning and allow children to explore their surroundings safely and engagingly.

Nursery Policies: Drop-off, Pickup, Personal Property, and Cancellation:

To ensure the safety and security of the children, the school has strict policies for drop-off and pickup. Children must be accompanied by parents or caregivers and handed over to a Nursery Staff Member in person. For transportation services, the trained staff accompanies children on the bus. The administration prioritizes the protection of personal property and requests parents discourage their children from bringing valuable items to the nursery. The cancellation policy requires a 7-day written notice to maintain transparency and fairness.

Essentials and Well-being: Attire, Diapers, Hydration, Nutrition, and Health Measures:


The well-being of every child at Elina Garden Nursery is highly important. Parents are requested to send children in nursery uniforms or easily washable, labeled clothing suitable for weather conditions. Diapers and changing materials must be provided by parents and tagged with each child’s name. Fresh drinking water is available throughout the day, and so they encourage children to stay hydrated. Parents are responsible for supplying prepared and labeled formula bottle feeds stored at the correct temperature. At Elina Garden Nursery, strict health measures are followed to prevent the spread of contagious diseases and ensure prompt communication with parents in case of illness.

FAQ Section:

What are the enrollment requirements at Elina Garden Nursery?

  • Enrollment requirements include:
  • A completed registration form.
  • Your child’s birth certificate.
  • Passport-sized photographs.
  • Any necessary medical records.

What are the operating hours of Elina Garden Nursery?

Elina Garden Nursery operates during specific hours, providing care for children within those designated times.

How can parents participate in their child’s education at Elina Garden Nursery?

Parent involvement is encouraged through regular communication via newsletters, parent-teacher meetings, progress reports, and participation in special events and activities.

How are children’s safety and security ensured at Elina Garden Nursery?

  • Safety and security measures at Elina Garden Nursery include:
  • Surveillance cameras.
  • Controlled access.
  • Comprehensive staff background checks.
  • Adherence to child safety protocols and emergency procedures.


Elina Garden Nursery in Ajman offers children a nurturing and stimulating environment, fostering their growth and development. With the internationalized community standard, qualified staff, balanced curriculum, engaging activities, and focus on well-being, to provide the best possible start to a child’s educational journey. Choose Elina Garden Nursery for a bright future for your child.


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