The Army is called in to protect Red Zone in Islamabad

Islamabad, Pakistan: The Federal government has called on the Pakistan Army to protect the Red zone of Islamabad under article 245 of the Constitution of Pakistan.


The decision was taken in connection with the announcement of former Prime Minister Imran Khan to reach D-Chowk in the Red zone by flouting the instruction of the Supreme Court of Pakistan.

Red Zone includes Parliament House, Prime Minister House, Supreme Court building, Presidency, buildings of state-run television and radio, and Diplomatic Enclave.

It may be mentioned Imran Khan had a sit-in in Red Zone in 2014 for 128 days and pitched a tent village outside Parliament House and the Supreme Court of Pakistan.

PTI workers gathered outside Parliament House near D-Chowk on the instruction of Imran Khan who was allowed to enter Islamabad from Peshawar with a rally of protesters and policemen of the KPK government. The government managed protesters the whole day and nobody was allowed to enter Islamabad but the Supreme Court of Pakistan ordered to clean roads for protesters and let the protesters enter Islamabad.

It may be mentioned on August 31, 2014, the Pakistan Army asked the government to negotiate with protesters when the then government called the Army under article 245.

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