Telenor Quiz Today | Complete Info + Steps to Redeem MBs

Telenor is one of the most popular mobile networks in Pakistan. The company has millions of network users all over the country. As we all know, mobile networks have unique ways of engaging their customers. Telenor Pakistan has opted for a unique way to entertain its customers. If you want to enjoy free internet MBs and other benefits from your Telenor SIM, you must check out the Telenor Quiz today to answer reward questions.



You need to download the My Telenor App on your smartphone to start the Telenor Quiz. The quiz is available on the app every day. You simply need to open your My Telenor App on your phone and start the quiz.

Telenor Quiz Answers

Telenor Quiz Today

Telenor will ask you a total of five questions in the mobile app. You must answer the questions carefully to redeem the rewards. It is important to submit all the correct answers. When you submit 100% accurate responses, the app rewards you with several Telenor SIM benefits, including internet and mobile packages. If you are a data user, you may want to get your hands on those extra Telenor MBs in just a few minutes.


Moreover, you can enjoy the in-app services like watching movies, dramas, and more.

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How to find Telenor Quiz Answers?

We have got you covered if you wonder how you can find the Telenor Quiz answers. You can simply search for the answers online by entering the questions into the search bar.

Most often, Google provides you with the responses you need to submit in the My Telenor app.

How To Access the Quiz

If you have downloaded the My Telenor mobile app, you may be wondering how to access the Telenor Quiz.

When you open the mobile app, you can locate “Test your skills”.

Once you click on the option, you can start the quiz and submit responses to the questions.

How to Redeem Free Internet MBs On Telenor SIM

Looking to redeem free internet MBs from your Telenor SIM? here are the instructions you need to follow to enjoy free Telenor internet.

  • Open your My Telenor app from your smartphone
  • Locate the “Test Your Skills” button
  • Tap on the button to view questions
  • You will see 5 quiz questions on your screen
  • Submit the correct answers to the asked questions

Once you submit the correct answers to the questions, you can redeem 50/100 MBs to use free internet on your Telenor SIM.

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