Best Telenor Internet Packages 2020 | 3G | 4G | Bundles

Best Telenor Internet Packages 2020 | 3G | 4G | Bundles

Looking for Best Telenor Internet packages?

Telenor Telecom has nearly 40 million users in Pakistan in 2020, and it is the only service that has a somewhat stable connection in the hilly, mountainous areas up north as well. It also provides 2G packages in the areas where 3G still isn’t accessible and that is one of the major reasons it has got a fair share in the market of the customers who wouldn’t budge to any other network no matter what. For your ease, we have compiled a list of Telenor internet packages.

Telenor User Experience

Telenor essentially offers two different SIM Types; Djuice, and Talkshawk. The former is oriented towards youth so the internet and SMS packages are cheap and readily available while the latter is the better option if calling your top priority rather than sending text messages.

Another good thing about Telenor is that in order to make the data easy and accessible for all it offers great bundles for SMS, Calls, and the Internet too. You can download the ‘My Telenor’ app from the Play Store and get any offer you like. What’s more is that the app lets you design your own package as well, so you can decide the MBs you want, the number of texts, and calls, etc. What else does one need?

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Telenor Free Internet

Telenor is the only network service provider in Pakistan that has the prestige to partner with the social media giant Facebook to offer free Facebook Flex to the users. This means that every customer gets a few free MBs of Facebook to be used without the charges being deducted.

Not just this, but Telenor sends a few free internet and social MBs on every recharge. There are also multiple quizzes and games in the My Telenor App, which allows free internet data on winning them.

Internet Packages

Let’s discuss the Internet Packages provided by Telenor in detail:

Telenor Weekly Internet Packages

Telenor 4G Weekly Packages
Package Price Activation Code Details
Weekly Internet All In One+ Offer Rs.190  Dial *345*88# 3500 MB Internet for the week, 150 Telenor minutes and Rs. 50 for ALL NETWORK calls and SMS.
Weekly Internet All In One Rs.120 Dial *345*75# 1,500 MB
4G Weekly Unlimited Internet Bundle Rs. 101.58 Dial *345*144# 2500 MB
4G Weekly Super Rs 120 Dial *288#  2GB + 500MB (WhatApp/Goonj/GameBox)
4G Weekly Ultra WorldCup Offer Rs 170 Dial *336#  12 GB + 1 GB Goonj

Telenor 3-Day Internet Packages

Telenor 4G 3-Days Packages
Package Price Activation Code Detail

All In One Offer

Rs. 54.89

Dial *345*45# 500 MB
4G 3 Day Bundle Rs. 49 Dial *32# 200MB + Free 200MB for FacebookTelenor 4G Monthly Packages for Prepaid Customers


Telenor Monthly Internet Packages

Telenor 4G Monthly Packages
Package Price Activation Code Detail
Monthly Facebook and Whatsapp Offer Rs. 38.47 (Load Rs. 50) Dial *911# Facebook & WhatsApp: 3000 MBInternet: 100 MB
4G Monthly Lite Rs. 200 Dial *301# 2000 MB + 1000 MB for WhatsApp/Goonj/GameBox
4G Monthly bundle Rs. 597.50 Dial *303# 9,000 MB
4G Monthly Starter Bundle Rs. 300 Dial *302# 4000 MB + 4000 MB (1 AM – 7 AM)
Monthly All In One Rs. 418.25 Dial *345*246# 5,000 MB
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Telenor Postpaid Internet Packages

Telenor Postpaid 4G Internet packages
Package Price Activation Code Detail
Freedom Internet 2000 Rs. 2000 Dial *345# 25GB
Freedom Internet 1200 Rs. 1200 Dial *345# 12GB