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Telenor Daily Prepaid Call Packages

There was a time when I used to do a job in different sectors after completing my education. Being the prime breadwinner of my family, I had to manage my salary every month in a way that all needs could be fulfilled. From commodities to bills, from petrol to mobile phone credit, everything had to be managed in a limited budget.


Since my university days, I have been using Telenor and I am quite happy with it. The main reason behind this satisfaction is that when I was left with little of my pocket money after adjusting the budget for home, the possibility was to go with the cheapest call and SMS package and if I got internet in the deal, it was like a treat. Telenor internet packages offer you unlimited data bundles and you can stay in touch with your family all the time without any trouble.

Now that I have become an entrepreneur, I had to stay in touch with my clients, employees, vendors and other relevant persons all day long while being at work and in addition to that, I have to stay in touch with my family as I believe, a day remains incomplete without having any conversation with your family. So you must be having a thought that these calls and staying in touch requirement would be consuming a lot of my budget now, however, it would be surprising for you that the budget for my mobile usage is more or less the same as that of before when I was in my university.

I mostly use Telenor Daily Prepaid Call Packages offering a range of options for you to subscribe as per the suitability so that you can plan your mobile usage budget accordingly. It was my love and satisfaction for Telenor that I opted for this connection to be used for official purposes as well. Now all of my employees are having their Telenor numbers and they are introduced to the range of daily packages so that they can stay in touch all day long while managing the budget at their best. Have a look at the daily prepaid packages offered by Telenor!

telenor daily call packges

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