Teachers cut their own feet off

Fauzia Rana


In this era where unemployment is severe and job market is oversaturated, becoming a teacher is the easiest way for every person who fails to get any other way of employment. Teaching profession particularly in Pakistan has turned into purposeless, effortless and not as much of hard work profession. Such teachers, who lack ambition and devotedness and are teaching just for the sake of earning money, have brought disrespect for the entire profession. They lost their dignity because they failed to produce a society where they could maintain their respect. According to the Global Status Index, China stands at the top for giving most respect to its teachers, while UK and USA stand in the middle of the Index. Pakistan does not even make it to the first 21 countries. Why is it so? Why Pakistan remains at the bottom, in this area?

This could be because teachers, having materialistic approach and involvement in financial and moral malpractices, have failed to add values in the lives of students.

Well, this has become a common narrative of the teacher community that students have adopted rude and insulting behavior towards their teachers while instead of blaming the students, it is imperative to observe and judge the role of teachers. Though the teachers have always been a source of light for their students, but in today’s world, especially in current scenario of Pakistan where three Vice Chancellors (VCs) of higher education institution are in the custody of National Accountability Bureau (NAB) on the charges of mismanagement and corruption, have compelled students to disregard this profession.

These VCs are accused of nepotism, mismanagement, maladministration and corruption. One of them appointed his wife against a highest position while the other one stockpiled black money by establishing illegal private sub-campuses and granting affiliations to ghost private colleges. Arrest of these VCs ignited anger and critique that the NAB – due to their respectful profession – should have not hand cuffed them. But we should not forget that Eblis – a faithful and the most pious creature among all once – was not “treated respectfully” when he had not followed the directions.

Uses of foul language, irresponsible behaviour, materialistic approach etc are the key factors which have led the students to become insolent towards their teachers. Lack of professionalism is one of the key reasons which hinder one to accept his responsibility towards institution as well as the society. Ethics seem to be vanished among these so called servants of the humanity. This could be much better exemplified by videos and pictures which have taken over the internet. Rather than imparting education to students, they focus on insulting and humiliating the young ones, which further make these students rebellious.

Teaching profession has turned into business and the academic institutions have been overwhelmed by dominant and materialistic approach focusing power and position either by hook or crook. Whether it’s a school teacher or a vice chancellor of any university, all are in search of personal benefits. But is this appropriate? Is such kind of practice is doing justice to the teaching profession, society and most importantly to oneself while teachers have to pour down knowledge to his students through hard work, efforts, skills and determination in upbringing of children, resultantly leading them to earn reward and respect.

Even the religion, Islam has also highlighted the principles of doing justice to one’s own job by being faithful to it. It was once stated that a Caliph appointed a teacher for his son. At his appointment, the Caliph instructed, “The reformation you will provide to my son should be a part of your self-reformation. Flaws of pupils are totally related to yours. They will deem good only what you deem good and deem evil only what you deem evil”. This is the point where our society is standing currently. The behavior of teachers is putting negative impact on the students and the institutions as well. Currently, the Vice Chancellors of three major universities of Punjab have been put behind the bars for giving preference to their personal interest over their profession. The greed for money and power among these treacherous figures, have put the future of thousands of students at stake. This lingering tension has created more cracks in the education system of Pakistan.

Harassment is the one another reasons for the existing situation. Harassment is a term which people have always avoided to use but due to the power of social media, things have become much visible. Many cases have been reported where the culprit appears to be teacher in cases of violence and harassment. Many girls highlighted the incidents where they became the victims of sexual abuse by the hands of a teacher.

Now, these kinds of acts create a discomfort and uneasy environment for things to prevail smoothly. After being mistreated, student would never ever remain silent in today’s world, though knowing that he or she is raising voice against the teacher who possesses a high degree of respect and position.

Respect and dignity are earned by the teacher and it could only be seen if the teacher will to do so. Dark clouds are looming all over the world and the society has been engulfed by a number of evils. This problem could only be eradicated if the teachers intend to deliver their duty properly. Professional and personal ethics are pivotal for the reformation of society. In order to build up the future of the students, one needs to be a supporting arm for them. Money cannot buy one respect. It can just increase the bank balance. Respect is linked with one’s inner self, which can only be earned through ones loyalty towards his profession.

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