Taliban releases categorical statement that girls will be allowed to go to school and women will be allowed to work with Hijab

Monitoring Desk: Taliban spokesman Sohail Shaheen has said that girls will be allowed to go to school and women will be allowed to work with Hijab under Taliban rule.


“We have directed all schools will remain open, women will remain working and even in markets and they just to follow Hijab which is in other Islamic countries,” said Shaheen while talking to US Media.

He was of the view that there is propaganda that the Taliban are against women’s right to education and work. He stated that women are a large part of society and they have every right to get an education and work in society while maintaining Islamic Hijab like any other Muslim country.

We are Muslims and we believe in certain parameters of social life but it does not mean that the Taliban are against women.

It may be mentioned that on Saturday the whole of Logar province, just south of Kabul and the capital of Paktika province on the Pakistan border was the latest area to fall to the Taliban. While Mazar-e-Sharif was also fallen to the Taliban.


Sohail Shaheen Statement:

Recently the Kabul Adm has launched baseless and vicious propaganda, sometimes claiming, the Islamic Emirate forces people to marry their daughters or to marry them to the Mujahidin. Sometimes they say that the Mujahidin are killing people, killing prisoners and captives,
IEA has its door open for all those who have previously worked and helped the invaders, or are now standing in the ranks of the corrupt Kabul Adm. and already announced amnesty. We once again invite them all to come and serve the nation and the country
Mujahideen should pay utmost attention to the treasury, public facilities, gov. offices, equipment of gov. offices, parks, roads, bridges. These are the trust and property of the nation; no personal tampering and negligence should be done with them but be strictly guarded

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