Taliban reaches outside Panjshir Valley but desire Talks for avoiding war

Kabul, Afghanistan: Afghan Taliban spokesman Zabiullah Mujahid has said that the Taliban have reached outside Panjshir Valley guarded by Ahmad Massoud but desire talks for avoiding war, therefore, will give time to peace to reach out an all-inclusive solution.


In his Twitter messages, Zabiullah said that the districts of Bannu, Pul-e-Hisar, and Deh Salah Baghlan have been completely wiped out by the enemy, and the Taliban are stationed near Badakhshan, Takhar, and Andarab near Panjshir.


The Salang highway is open and the enemy is under siege inside Panjshir. The Islamic Emirate seeks to resolve the issue peacefully.

Since the Taliban overran Afghanistan, flickers of resistance have begun to emerge with some ex-government troops gathering in the Panjshir, north of Kabul, long known as an anti-Taliban bastion, reports Al Jazeera News.

Al Jazeera reported that  Ahmad Massoud, said on Sunday he hoped to hold talks peacefully with the group that seized power in Kabul a week ago but that his forces were ready to fight.

“We want to make the Taliban realise that the only way forward is through negotiation,” he told the Reuters news agency by telephone from his stronghold in the Panjshir Valley, where he has gathered forces made up of remnants of regular army units and special forces as well as local militia fighters.


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