Talal rules out early elections

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan: The Minister of State for Interior Talal Chaudhry on Tuesday ruled out early elections, and said next general elections would be held on time.

Last Sunday in a press conference in Islamabad, the Chairman Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) Imran Khan demanded early elections to strengthen democracy, and asked Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi to seek a fresh mandate by holding early elections.

Talking to media at National Accountability Court (NAB) Court prior to former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s appearance before the accountability court in Islamabad today, Talal Chaudhry said desire of political pigmies would not bear fruit.

The minister said some political jugglers were in trauma on Nawaz Sharif’s return and his appearance before the court.

“Nawaz Sharif will continue to respect the courts and serve the masses and nobody can stop him from alleviating masses suffering,” he said.

Talal Chaudhry said Nawaz Sharif would remain party leader, and the day would come when he once again becomes Prime Minister of Pakistan.

Talking about Nawaz Sharif’s appearance before the accountability court, Talal Chaudhry said the former prime minister was appearing before the Court hoping that justice would be done.

“Nawaz manifested respect for law and constitution by appearing before the Accountability Court. We expect that justice would be done,” the minister said.

“If we see the previous proceedings, Nawaz Sharif was penalized on the basis of `Iqama’ by making Panama papers an excuse,” he said and added, the former Prime Minister has been sentenced on a piece of paper `Iqama’ which is commonly held by people.

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The state minister said Nawaz Sharif always endeavored to uphold honour of the institutions and his appearance before the Court was also an example for the fact.


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