Sweets, cakes in full demand during Eid days

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan: Cakes and sweets are in full demand during Eid days as people are buy these as special Eid gifts.

The rates of sweets start ranges from Rs 250 per kilogram to Rs 500 per kilogram in various famous sweets shops of the city. The average price of sweets in the City is Rs 300 per kilogram.

Similarly, the rate of per pound cake starts from Rs 150 and reaches Rs 500. However, usually two pound cakes are given as Eid gifts.

Thus, the staring price of a two pound cake is Rs 320 which reaches around 2000 per cake of various bakeries.

A buyer Salman Ahmed said the rates of Eid cakes were different than the routine prices while the bakeries also offer delivery services.

For a delivery outside the City, they have agreement with the courier services and they charge extra money for it he added.

An official of a famous bakery chain, which has largest network in the city, said that they had started taking orders for the special Eid cakes before Eid.

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