Increase Suzuki Swift 2022 Fuel Average in Pakistan

This guide is for Pakistan only. Suzuki Pakistan launched their new Swift model recently, and the manual says plugs should be replaced every 10,000 KM. So when people opted for a change, they were surprised to find that Suzuki Pakistan has installed Nickel Plugs instead of Iridium Plugs Suzuki swift 2022

Suzuki Swift 2022 Pakistan

Suzuki Swift 2022 Engine in Pakistan


The Engine k12M is designed for Iridium Plugs, and globally these are factory-fitted plugs, but in Pakistan, they have made a few modifications to Swift. Hence Suzuki Pakistan saved up the Cost by changing the plugs too.

Normally Nickel plugs are used on older vehicles or motorbikes as they are not very efficient. It was strange to observe that even the top variant, Suzuki Pakistan provided a nickel plug in Swift 2022.

Swift fuel average

5 Benefits Of Changing Spark Plugs from nickel to iridium

1. Increased Combustion


They are responsible for the combustion of the air-fuel mixture inside the combustion chamber. Nickel Plugs are efficient in this case, and primarily vehicles use Iridium Plugs with Fuel Injection Technology. This will increase the power and give your better fuel economy of your Suzuki Swift.

2. Fuel Efficiency

Old or nickel sparkplugs can cause misfires, due to which you can face increased fuel usage. Iridium plugs are considered to be 30% extra efficient in relation to nickel plugs, and they are long-lasting too.

3. Smooth Start-Up Performance

Once you change your sparkplugs, you will notice a performance boost in acceleration and engine idle.

5. Improved Horsepower

As stated earlier, due to optimum condition, your engine will run more smoothly which will provide more horsepower and positive engine feedback. So, its highly recommended to use Iridium Spark Plugs over Nickel Ones.


Many people are getting these plugs changed in their newer model of swift after a debate on the Pakwheels forum.

For those who are wondering about which model should be used, Please have a look at the screenshot below, and these plugs will surely help. If you are not able to find these plugs, what you can do is you can get the Iridium plugs used in the new Alto 660cc and deploy them in your swift. They will work better than the stock ones.


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