Suzuki Car Finance: How Can You Save Up To PKR 1.6 Million?

Pak Suzuki car finance makes it easy for you to save up to PKR 1.6 million. Find out the details below:

Suzuki Car Finance


Suzuki car finance saves up to PKR 1.6 million

It looks like Pak Suzuki is trying its best to ease the financing process for customers. If you want to buy a brand new Suzuki car but can’t pay at once, the company can make it easy for you. Generally, car financing options are not offered by automakers. While this may be true, the Pak Suzuki car finance program is a step forward to ease the pain of the paying customers with a little edge. Want to know how? Let’s find out.

How Is Suzuki Car Finance Different?

Typically, car finance is done through a bank. For this, customers have to apply first and choose the plan that works for them. However, the process requires a little back and forth in Pakistan, and many customers often express their frustration in this regard. While this may be true, the Pak Suzuki car finance program makes it all simple for you.

You can hand it all over to the company and they will take care of the process for you. Moreover, customers can have an edge by getting a few added advantages by financing their car through Pak Suzuki Motors.

Additional Benefits

If you get our car financed by Suzuki, you can have the following additional benefits:

  • Free Registration
  • Free Maintenance of Car
  • Reduced Mark-up Rates of up to KIBOR +3%
  • Reduced Insurance Costs up to 1.99%

For those who do not know the car financing process through a bank, you will have to pay these costs if you lease your car from any bank. However, the Pak Suzuki car finance process makes it easier for you to cut down on these proportions of costs at the time of lease.

Save Up To PKR 1.6 Million

The company has introduced a limited-time offer for interested buyers of Suzuki WagonR VXL and Alto AGS. If you want to lease any of the two cars, you can save up to PKR 160,057 in light of the additional benefits listed above. Both WagonR and Alto are among the top-selling units of the company locally.

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