Suzuki Car Delivery Schedule -How Long You Have To Wait?


Suzuki cars are the best-selling cars in Pakistan largely because the company offers small cars which are the best choice for the middle class of society.  Most of the Pakistani population is the middle class that cannot afford high-end cars. So, Suzuki gives them a chance to have their own conveyance. Many people do not know about the booking status and delivery time of Suzuki cars. But, you don’t have to worry because in this article we will explain each Suzuki car delivery schedule to you in detail. Now, let us know the description. 

Delivery Schedule

Suzuki Alto

Suzuki Alto is a largely sold car in Pakistan as PAMA data implies. Regardless, the scarcity of semiconductor chips and the consequence of COVID-19 of Alto VXL/AGS.  But, the company is still booking ALTO VXR and Alto VX and its delivery time is 3 to 4 months respectively. 

Suzuki car delivery schedule

Suzuki Cultus

Almost like Alto, Pak Suzuki has postponed the bookings of  Cultus VXL and Cultus AGS nowadays, primarily because of the Corona pandemic. But the booking of the third variant, Cultus VXR is still open and this Suzuki car delivery schedule takes up to 4 months. 

Suzuki Wagon R

If you are a Suzuki Wagon R customer so we have good news for you, all of its variants bookings are open. Wagon RAGS, Wagon R VXL, and Wagon R VXR delivery time is a maximum of 4 months. 

Suzuki car delivery schedule

Suzuki Swift

We told you that Suzuki has terminated the Swift because the company expects to launch the 4th generation next year. But, you can buy a second-hand Suzuki Swift. 

Suzuki car delivery schedule

Suzuki Bolan

There is confusion about booking Suzuki Bolan as some Suzuki dealerships are booking it but some are not. There are also rumors that the company is launching a Bolan with AC. Therefore, there is no clarity about the car.  

Suzuki car delivery schedule


We hope that you enjoyed this information and you must have gotten all the information that you wanted. 

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