Suzuki Bolan Fuel Tank Capacity

Cars in PakistanSuzuki Bolan Fuel Tank Capacity

Suzuki Bolan Fuel tank capacity

Suzuki has been a prominent name in the Pakistan automobile industry. The reason for being so prominent is Suzuki’s commitment to providing affordability to its customers and consumers. Suzuki gave some of the most amazing cars to Pakistan’s automobile industry. And it also has the best-selling cars like the Mehran, Wagon R, Alto, and many others. But let’s put all this aside and get straight to the point. In this article, the topic of our concern is Suzuki Bolan Fuel Tank Capacity.


What is the significance of a Fuel Tank in a car?

Have you ever wondered about how much fuel your car can store? If not then you should know! The fuel tank plays a crucial role in any car. The bigger the fuel tank the more miles you can drive without stopping to refuel.

What is the Suzuki Bolan Fuel Tank Capacity?

Suzuki Bolan Fuel tank capacity

Suzuki Bolan Fuel Tank Capacity is 36 L and able to give you the mileage of 12 KM/H in the city and on highways it can give you the fuel average of around 13 to 14 KM/H.

What is the Suzuki Bolan Mileage per Tank?

Suzuki Bolan has a fuel tank capacity of 36L and according to the mileage you can get 432 KM in one filling if you drive in the city and 468 to 504 KM on highways.

What Factors Can Influence Fuel Efficiency?

Many factors could influence the fuel average of your car. Upon these factors the fuel average of your car depends.

Vehicle Size and Engine Type

The size and type of a car may depend on Fuel efficiency like in the case of the Suzuki Bolan Fuel tank capacity which is 36 L. If you fill it to the maximum capacity including the size and engine type the car may not give a good mileage because of an increase in weight. But a smaller car with the latest type of engine may give you a better fuel average than a Bolan because of its less weight and latest engine type.

Engine Efficiency

Suzuki Bolan Fuel tank capacity

An engine with the latest technology can increase your fuel efficiency. Because the latest engine means more innovation and with more innovation comes more solutions. So the cars of modern times are designed to give more fuel efficiency. The perfect examples are hybrid and turbocharged engines that are way more fuel-efficient.

Transmission Type

The cars with manual transmissions are more fuel-efficient than automatic transmissions. If you want an automatic transmission car with a better fuel economy then you better get a car with a CVT transmission which is designed to provide better fuel economy.

Driving behavior

Aggressive and reckless driving can be a factor in a bad fuel average. More acceleration and speed are the main reasons for a car to have poor fuel efficiency.

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