Suzuki Bikes Price Increase For The Forth Time In Pakistan

Suzuki bikes price increase


Suzuki was among the highest market share holder in the market for their affordable cars. However, in recent years, Suzuki bikes have gained popularity over Honda Atlas because of their unique sporty look and amazing features. Following the competitors like Honda and Yamaha, Suzuki bikes price increase was inevitable. Therefore, get ready for the fourth price hike of Suzuki bikes in Pakistan in 2022.

Following Honda, Toyota, MG and KIA price increases for their cars due to currency depreciation, bikes are also prey to it. It is for the fourth time in 2022 that the prices of Suzuki bikes are going to reach a high level than before.

Suzuki Bikes Price Increase

Suzuki bikes price increase

The company announced that the new prices would be effective from 1st August. Therefore, the new prices are as follows:

Model Old Price (Rs.) New Price (Rs.) Increase (Rs.)
GD-110S 219,000 229,000 10,000
GS-150 239,000 251,000 12,000
GS-150 SE 256,000 271,000 15,000
GR-150 349,000 365,000 16,000

Even in 2021, Pak Suzuki Motor Company also observed a price hike. The average increase in the models was around Rs. 28,000 from January to December. Due to the economic instability, the company was forced to do the same this year. But, the Suzuki bikes price increase this year is Rs, 50,000 till August 2022.

Effects Of Price Hike

Suzuki bikes price increase

Bikes used to be an affordable conveyance for the people of Pakistan. In comparison to cars, bikes are convenient to ride on the congested roads of Pakistan. Also, they are fuel efficient and low cost, so people opt to use bikes for their day-to-day work. But, this continuous price increase is harming the stakes of the buyers of bikes.

Bikes are getting out of reach of many customers in Pakistan which is a hindrance to transport to the public. The government needs to intervene in this matter to stabilize the prices. Otherwise, the people of Pakistan would have no choice other than to stay at home or walk to distances to work.

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