Suzuki Bikes in Pakistan 2021 – All you Need to Know!

Bikes in PakistanSuzuki Bikes in Pakistan 2021 - All you Need to Know!

Suzuki Bikes in Pakistan 2020 - All the information you need to know about your favorite Suzuki bikes.

Suzuki Bikes in Pakistan 2020 - All you Need to Know!

Suzuki Master is one of the accomplished automotive companies in Pakistan that can satisfy every customer. It offers a large range of vehicles for all the people. The vehicles produced by the company are durable and can stay a lifetime with a person. Proper care and maintenance ensure this long-lasting durability. With adequate maintenance, you can also keep the vehicle in good shape and performance may not be affected for a long time. We have gathered all the information about the Suzuki bikes in Pakistan for our readers.

Suzuki Bikes in Pakistan

Bikes are demanded more than cars because of the incompatibility of cars with the congested roads. As fuel is concerned, the price of petrol is costly. So the public prefers a cost-efficient option that is the bike to have a better traveling experience in Pakistan. Suzuki offers a range of options in bikes. Suzuki Bikes are available in different engine variants like 70cc, 100cc, 110cc, and 125cc. In 2021, Suzuki has revealed the process for all the bikes. They are different ranges which makes bikes accessible to everyone.

Suzuki 70cc Bikes

Suzuki Sprinter

Suzuki Sprinter and Suzuki Sprinter ECO are 75km/L high speed and with 9-liter fuel, the tank is dominating in the 70cc range. Along with Sprinter, there is another 70cc bike.


It is a 67cc bike so it falls into the category of a 70cc bike. This bike is not for adults. It is a small dirt bike that is suitable for the kids. Being light-weight, it is a fun ride in the dirt for the children as it is only 121 pounds heavy. Along with the fun, this bike is also safe to ride. It came as a competitor to Honda CRF50F and Yamaha PW80. There is a 70cc 4-stroke and SOHC, air-cooling engine. The engine makes it powerful in the dirt.

Suzuki 100cc Bikes

Suzuki Raider

This bike has a 100cc engine displacement with a 105km/hour top speed. Its engine is 4-Stroke Single Cylinder Air-cooled. The fuel capacity of its tank is 9 liters. This bike has a 4-speed transmission. This is a kick start bike. It costs Rs83,400 in Pakistan.

Suzuki Shogun

It has a 100cc 2-stroke powerful engine with an air-cooling system. This bike has a kick-start system. The fuel capacity is 11.5 liters. 4-speed constant transmission is found in this vehicle. The price of this bike is PKR 93500.

Suzuki Bikes in Pakistan 2020 - All you Need to Know!

Suzuki 125 Bikes

Suzuki Thunder 125

This powerful bike comes with a bold look, powerful headlights, and comfortable seats. The 125cc engine is backed up by 4-Stroke SOHC. This one cylinder bike has a fuel capacity is 12 liters. There is a 5-speed transmission. The sporty look with all these features makes this bike demanded by the public.

Suzuki Mola 125

In the range of 125 bikes, this 4-Stroke, single-cylinder bike with air cooling system. It has a 5-speed transmission. It is a self-starter type. The fuel capacity is 13 liters. It is built of a mesh and steel frame with an attractive and solid body. This bike can be bought for Rs 101,000.

Suzuki Van RV125

This self-starting bike has a 125cc engine displacement. The engine runs on a 4-Stroke, OHC system. It also has an air-cooling system. This powerful bike has a 6-speed transmission. It has an injection fuel system with a tank capacity of 13 liters. This is one of the incredible bikes offered by Suzuki.

This article has all the details about the Suzuki Bikes along with their price. No one can doubt the durability of these bikes. So if you are thinking of buying one, you can choose from all the available options.


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