Suzuki Alto Latest Price and Instalment Plan 2023 with Bank Alfalah

Cars in PakistanSuzuki Alto Latest Price and Instalment Plan 2023 with Bank Alfalah

suzuki Alto vxr instalment plan

Bank Alfalah is a leading financial bank in Pakistan that provides the best financial services to clients in Pakistan. Amidst inflation, Bank Alfalah is helping buyers get auto loan finance with easy monthly instalments. It helps in upgrading the purchasing power of the buyers in Pakistan. Suzuki Alto VXR is a highly demanded car in Pakistan so get to know details about Suzuki Alto VXR instalment plan 2023 in Pakistan with Bank Alfalah.

Overview of Suzuki Alto

suzuki Alto vxr instalment plan

Suzuki Alto VXR is a 660cc engine displacement car that comes with automatic transmission. It is an affordable hatchback which produces 29 Horsepower and 56 Nm of Torque. Suzuki Alto is an economical city car with a fuel tank capacity of 27 litres. It can drive from 17 km/l to 19 km/l, depending on driving speed and terrain. There are other features like ABS, Child Lock, Immobilizer, Seatbelts, Airbags, Air Conditioner, Keyless Entry, and more.

Suzuki Alto VXR Instalment Plan 2023

suzuki Alto vxr instalment plan

Bank Alfalah offers a feasible and convenient Suzuki Alto VXR instalment plan for a tenure of 2 to 5 years. Moreover, there are different equity levels starting from 30% to 75% for the convenience of the buyers. The clients can choose the instalment plan according to their own preferences and with ease. For more details, you can visit Bank ALfalah’s nearest branch.

Take a look at Bank Alfalah Suzuki Alto VXR Instalment Plan 2023 for 5 years tenure.

30%PKR 2,120,000PKR 636,000PKR 1,484,000PKR 40,868
35%PKR 2,120,000PKR 742,000PKR 1,378,000PKR 37,949
40%PKR 2,120,000PKR 848,000PKR 1,272,000PKR 35,030
45%PKR 2,120,000PKR 954,000PKR 1,166,000PKR 32,111
50%PKR 2,120,000PKR 1,060,000PKR 1,060,000PKR 29,192
55%PKR 2,120,000PKR 1,166,000PKR 954,000PKR 26,273
60%PKR 2,120,000PKR 1,272,000PKR 848,000PKR 23,353
65%PKR 2,120,000PKR 1,378,000PKR 742,000PKR 20,434
70%PKR 2,120,000PKR 1,484,000PKR 636,000PKR 17,515
75%PKR 2,120,000PKR 1,590,000PKR 530,000PKR 14,596

Terms and Conditions

To obtain the instalment plan for Suzuki Alto 2023, here are some of the terms and conditions that applicants have to abide by:

  •  This instalment plan does not include insurance charges. They have to be paid separately.
  • The monthly instalment is tentative and subject to change.
  • The plan available on online Bank Alfalah Auto Loan Finance may be unreliable because the prices of vehicles continuously change which affects the online results.
  • Applications will be accepted from the clients who pass the Debt burden Ratio (DBR).

Minimum Income Requirements

  • The minimum income requirement for salaried individuals is PKR 30,000.
  • For Business Individuals, the monthly income requirement is PKR 100,000.
  • For self-employed professionals, the monthly income requirement is PKR 50,000.

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