Surge in salary to enhance Azerbaijani economy: Political analyst Anastasia Lavrina

Political analyst and expert of Eurasian regions Anastasia Lavrina
Political analyst and expert of Eurasian regions Anastasia Lavrina

BAKU, Azerbaijan: The Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev has signed an order increasing the minimum monthly wage to AZN250 from September 1, 2019.

The order will cover 950,000 people including salaries of employees of a number of structures funded from the state budget.

Political analyst and expert of Eurasian regions Anastasia Lavrina commented on this decision and future benefits to be expected.

“The decree of President Ilham Aliyev should be considered as very important. It aims to promote long-term development of the state. The minimum wage will be increased by AZN70 (from 180 to 250). Since the beginning of 2019, this is the second increase. On average for this year, the minimum salary will be increased from 130 to AZN 250, which should be regarded as a unique event. In addition, the minimum monthly wage of hundreds of thousands employees in a number of categories will be raising, according to which from September 1, 2019, it will be increased by 40 percent, and this is already an enormous amount,” Anastasia Lavrina said.

Anastasia Lavrina further said that there is a significant positive impact on the financial situation and, accordingly, on the development of both the public and private sectors. In making such a decision, large-scale economic reforms and a policy of diversifying the economy, which, over the past years, has been successfully implemented under the leadership of the head of state, have played a large role. Considering what is happening in other countries where the population suffers from unemployment, economic crisis, inflation and political instability, Azerbaijan is trying to support and stimulate the internal development of the country, which positively affects the lives of people and the foreign policy of the state. At the time of global economic wars between large countries, it is very important to keep the balance and prevent the beginning of a crisis In Azerbaijan. Additional investments in strengthening the economy, including wage increases, demonstrate an increase in the social protection of employees of a number of organizations, strengthen the people’s faith in a stably developing Azerbaijan, and show real, visible profits from the reforms.

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Raising salaries to teachers is another very important point. Such decisions have a very positive effect on the activities of teachers and their desire to work hard. In recent years, we can observe how the quality of education in many educational institutions in Azerbaijan is only improving. Of course, there are schools and universities that still require close attention, but many universities in our country are not inferior to those abroad.

A significant increase in wages will have a positive effect on the purchasing power of the population. Now it is very important to establish additional control over individual entrepreneurs and sellers in stores that usually use such decrees for their own profit. The increase in wages should not be confused with inflation and this is not a reason to raise prices, especially for essential goods.

All this will contribute to the further growth of economic activity of Azerbaijan, and, accordingly, the country’s position in the international arena. All these reforms are happening in the Republic, which, suffers from the protracted conflict with neighboring Armenia, as a result of which 20% of the territory of Azerbaijan is under occupation. Azerbaijan can be considered by many countries as an example of a stable socio-economic system.”

In particular, enhancements are envisaged for the staff of the Presidium and the staff of the National Academy of Sciences, Heydar Aliyev Center, Scientific Center National Encyclopedia of Azerbaijan, Ataturk Center in Azerbaijan, State Archives of Azerbaijan and their district and city branches, Permanent Working Group of the State Commission to Combat Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking in Narcotic Drugs, State Film Fund of the Ministry of Culture of Azerbaijan, Media Support Fund under the President of Azerbaijan, Secretariat of the Council of State Support for NGOs under the President of Azerbaijan, Baku Center for Multiculturalism, and Science Development Fund under the President of Azerbaijan.

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In addition, salaries of government employees financed from the state budget, but not being public servants, will rise by 40%.

Along with this, since September 1, the official salaries for teachers of public educational institutions and vocational education, conducting a diagnostic assessment of knowledge and skills will be also increased.