Super Power 70cc Scooty Review – All You Need To Know Before Buying It

Super Power Motorcycle Company has been here for a while now. The company started off by manufacturing motorcycles for the economy class in Pakistan. With the passage of time and increasing interest in normalizing the use of scooty for girls, it introduced scooties in the country. Here we have gathered all the details to give you the Super Power 70cc scooty review. This is one of the popular models offered by the brand. Let’s have a look at the details!

Super Power Scooty SP 70cc

Super Power 70cc scooty review

The SP 70cc scooty from Super Power is liked by girls and boys alike. If we look at the overall design, the scooty is small and compact which makes it easier to control. It has no clutch and also has a self-star system.

The transmission of SP 70cc allows 4-speed forward progression. You can also find a vibrant list of colors available to buy. Here, it is worth mentioning that comparing a 70cc bike with a scooty of the same engine capacity is not helpful. Scooties are designed differently as compared to bikes and are not as flexible.

Super Power SP 70cc Specs

Super Power 70cc scooty review


The Super Power SP 70cc scooty is an optimal choice to go with. Whether you need to travel a shorter route or go miles, this mid-powered scooty will not disappoint you. Although the scooty is mostly suitable for female drivers, Super Power has managed to incorporate a 70cc engine making it preferable among males and females alike.

Apart from the performance part, the overall quality is considered competitive against other scooties in the market. However, you may need to check for the availability of parts as the SP 70 is not widely available.

Price In Pakistan

If you want to buy the SP 70cc, you will have to pay a cost of PKR 80,000-90,000 depending on the availability status. You can visit your nearest dealership for more details.

We hope you liked reading our Super Power 70cc scooty review. Feel free to share your feedback in the comments.

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