Suicide blast hits Kabul ahead of US-Afghan security deal talks

KABUL: A suicide bomber blew himself up in Afghanistan’s capital Kabul on Saturday, killing at least six persons and injuring 22 others, the Afghan interior ministry said.

The blast took place close to the place where around 3,000 prominent Afghans will attend the grand assembly known as a loya jirga on Thursday to debate a security agreement, which would allow US troops to remain in the country after the final withdrawal of the international force at the end of next year.

Earlier in a news conference in Kabul today, Afghan President Hamid Karzai called on the Taliban and their allies to attend the loya jirga and share their views.

The draft pact was hammered out in Kabul last month during a visit by US Secretary of State John Kerry.

However, Kerry left without a final deal as Afghan President said only a jirga had the authority to decide the contentious issues.