Top 6 Sugar Mills of Pakistan that will have a thriving Business in 2020

OpinionTop 6 Sugar Mills of Pakistan that will have a thriving Business...

Most Famous and Leading Sugar Mills of Pakistan

Pakistan is a country full of natural resources and specifically known for being agriculturally rich state. After the textile industry, the sugar industry is the only industry that can be called a model for agro-based industries. Sugarcane cultivation provides partial and seasonal employment to 3.9 million people approximately, which is about 12.14% of the total agricultural labor force.

Top 6 Sugar Mills of Pakistan

Pakistan is the 6th largest sugarcane producer in the world. Like other cash crops, sugarcane is one of the most important cash crops of Pakistan and the main; it is the main contributor for sugar production besides paper and board industry. Pakistan is ranked number nine in the world for sugar production. On the other hand, it is the 8th largest sugar consuming country in the world. Currently, there are more than one million hectares of land used for sugarcane cultivation which produces more than five million tons of refined sugar annually.

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Top 6 Sugarmills of Pakistan

With these stats, it is obvious that Pakistan owns several sugar mills among which the top 6 are producing and supplying the major quantity of sugar. Here we have compiled some details about these amazing sugar mills:

  1. Jauharabad Sugar Mills Limited

Jauharabad Sugar Mills Limited is a Public Limited Company and has the privilege of being one of the pioneer sugar mills of Pakistan. Initially, it was set up by the THAL Development Authority of Pakistan which was later privatized and was listed at Pakistan Stock Exchange Limited and has been in operation for the last sixty-five years.

Further in March 2013, the current management acquired a major shareholding of the Company by taking over its assets and liabilities, paying-off old sponsors and renaming it as Jauharabad Sugar Mills Limited from Kohinoor Sugar Mills Limited. The Company has successfully consolidated its Sugar Mills operations and financially strengthened its position throughout four crushing seasons.

  1. D.W Sugar Mills Limited

JDW Group is the progressive industrial house of the country. Sugar manufacturing is the core business of the Group and is also renowned for the support of innovative farming techniques that augment the core business. The Sugar Division comprises of three sugar mills Units, JDW Unit-I (20,500 TCD), JDW Unit-II (10,000 TCD) and JDW Unit-III (14,000 TCD) in the districts of Rahim Yar Khan, Punjab, and Ghotki, Sindh. With its combined crushing capacity of 44,500 TCD, it is one of the largest groups in the sugar sector and contributes approximately 15-17% of the country’s sugar production. D.W Sugar Mills Limited

JDW is also managing Sugarcane Corporate Farms over the area of 24,000 Acres in the Provinces of Punjab & Sindh. By using knowledge, experience together with modern tools and machinery and distinctive agronomic strategies, JDW has been able to build highly efficient and eco-friendly farms with higher yields. Company’s unique farming techniques have also led to the capacity building of existing farmers thereby resulting in improved and reliable cane supply to JDW.

  1. Tandlianwala Sugar Mills Limited

Tandlianwala Sugar Mills Limited (TSML) was incorporated in Pakistan in 1988 as a public limited company and the shares of the Company are quoted on the Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSE). The principal activity of the Company is the production and sale of white crystalline Sugar, Ethanol and Carbon Dioxide.

Tandlianwala Sugar Mills Limited

TSML comprises of three sugar mills units i.e. TSML Sugar Unit-I (Kanjwani – Faisalabad – Punjab) with a capacity of 6,500 TCD, TSML Sugar Unit-II (Zamand – Dera Ismail Khan – KPK) having the capacity of 12,000 TCD and TSML Sugar Unit-III (Rehman Hajira – Muzaffargarh – Punjab) with the capacity of 13,500 TCD. With its combined crushing capacity of   32,000 TCD, it is amongst the top sugar mills of the country in terms of sales and production.

Moreover, TSML is presently in the process of upgrading and expansion in its operating capacities for energy conservation with the installation of sophisticated machinery, which will increase its average sugarcane crushing capacity, fuel-saving and steam percent cane saving, thereby enabling it to save more bagasse and electricity. It will also increase its capacity from 32,000 TCD to 38,750 TCD during FY17 that will involve upgrading and adding new equipment.

  1. Haseeb Waqas Sugar Mills Limited

HWSML is one of the largest white refined sugar manufacturers in Pakistan with a Sugar Cane Crushing Capacity Of 10,000 M. Tons per day Based on 160 Days of season, and 8.5% sucrose recovery HWSML had produced around 136000 M. tons white refined sugar per annum.

Haseeb Waqas Sugar Mills Limited

HWSML incorporated in 1991 As a Public Limited Company. It is located at Nankana Sahib about 100 KM from Group Head Office in Lahore. Continuous technological improvement has been the corporate strategy of HWSML Group. It has charted new directions for the Sugar Industry, through its Research and Developmental efforts.

Haseeb Waqas Sugar Mill developed and used state of the art technology for cane preparation with a split cane carrier system for the first time in the country. This brought a revolution into the sugar industry in Pakistan.

Haseeb Waqas Sugar Mill is achieving one of the highest crushing rates. The mill was designed and manufactured by Haseeb Waqas engineering. The milling tandem consists of 5 mills of 42″X 84″ and has a crushing capacity of 10000 Tons per day. This has been done by installing a 5 roller pressure feeder mill.

Another first in Pakistan from Haseeb Waqas Sugar Mill was the Pressure Evaporation System with Falling Film Type Evaporator Bodies. The Mills has three boilers 80 ton each.

Haseeb Waqas Group with innovative processes in manufacturing Sugar with fewer impurities and the crystal has a white translucent white color. Sugar meets all the quality standards.

  1. Ranipur Sugar Mills (PVT.) Limited

Ranipur Sugar Mills is striving to become one of the most economical sugar factories in Pakistan, with the use of State of the Art Equipment, the Falling Film Evaporator, and SCP.

Ranipur Sugar Mill processes and makes the finest sugar by state of the art plant and delivers it all over Pakistan. Ranipur Sugar Mill is a vital part of the rural communities, providing thousands of jobs in multiple capacities.

Ranipur Sugar Mills (PVT.) Limited

A sugar cane mill can refer to a factory that processes sugar cane to produce raw or white sugar. It can also mean the piece of equipment that crushes the sticks of sugar cane to extract the juice.

It is the mission of Ranipur Sugar Mills to produce the highest quality of sugar whilst being the industry leader in Efficiency, Customer relations, and green production techniques.

  1. Shakarganj Mills Limited

Shakarganj Mills Ltd. primarily deals in the production of refined cane sugar and sugar by-products. The mill produces many different types of sugar comprising of pharmaceutical, beverage, and commercial grades sugar as well as soft brown sugar, caster and icing sugar, sugar cubes, sachets, and retail packs. Shakarganj Sugar is the leading brand of refined sugars as well as specialty sugars available in the Pakistani retail market.

Shakarganj Mills Limited

We hope that this information related to the top sugar-producing companies of Pakistan is enough to give you an idea about how these top mills are majorly contributing in the distribution of sugar among the masses on larger scale while using latest technology to meet the scale of demand and supply within the right time in order to avoid any shortage in the market due to any unfortunate situation.

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