A story about Nawaz visit to Devos and ethics of journalism

By Naheed Niazi


How low standards of journalism have gone in Pakistan could be judged by reading a story published in an English daily on January 24, 2017 titled “Nawaz forbidden from making speech in Davos due to corruption investigation”.

The writer of story who might not be in Devos during World Economic Forum (WEF) did not take initiative to check facts before placing story to his newsroom and his editor might not have time to recheck facts before publishing the same story.

Interestingly, the entire story was based on information might be provided to reporter by someone.

“Journalism is victim of propaganda war among different components of society and reporters must be over conscious while accepting information they had not heard or listen because pitching story against opponents and planting information on journalists have become a fun for some components of society”, commented a senior journalist Agha Iqrar Haroon when asked to comment on the story.


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