Statements of PTM against Tajiks in Afghanistan and against Punjabis in Pakistan need immediate attention


PESHAWAR, Pakistan: The latest statement of the Member of National Assembly Ali Wazir of Pashtun Tahafuz Movement (PTM) reminds us speeches of Sheikh Majeebur Rehman during and after 1971 general elections in the former East Pakistan – now Bangladesh.

Ali Wazir has been expressing his hatred against the Armed Forces of Pakistan and the people of Punjab province but now he is giving the same treatment to the Tajiki people living in Afghanistan. This latest situation has created a rift between the Afghan President Ashraf Ghani and politicians having Tajik background. Why Ali Wazir is criticizing Tajik race in Afghanistan is a question which still needs an answer from his hosts in Afghanistan.

The PTM leader says in his recent video statement that Punjabis destroyed the subcontinent since the regime of Ranjeet Singh.

Ali Wazir is openly advocating racism and crimes against Punjabis in Pakistan and against Tajiks in Afghanistan for the reason best known to himself because his statements against Tajiks are creating serious political issues for Pashtun dominated rule of the Afghan President Ashraf Ghani who invited Ali Wazir as a Special Guest from Pakistan on the Presidential Oath Taking Ceremony.

Many people on social media are demanding on both sides of the border that Ali Wazir be arrested immediately because he is not serving peace in the region. Would his arrest serve any good?  He had been arrested before and he is still facing several cases of sedition against the State of Pakistan. Should his membership of the National Assembly be not terminated because he is behaving against the Constitution which ensures respect for every Pakistan irrespective of his/her caste, creed, race, religion and social background?

There is a fear that the Pashtun Tahafuz Movement (PTM) is being used by the anti-Pakistan forces against the State of Pakistan and against possible peace in Afghanistan.

In East Pakistan, Awami League of Mujibur Rehman fanned hatred against the people of former West Pakistan and now PTM is doing against Punjabis in Pakistan and against Tajiks in Afghanistan.

One should remember that workers of Mukti Bahini (an armed wing of Awami League) were trained for the civil war in India and it was similar to what the National Directorate of Security (NDS) – Afghanistan’s premier intelligence agency – is reportedly providing to PTM followers in Afghanistan. The Indian networking was providing space for Mukti Bahini in western media during the late 60s till East Pakistan was converted into Bangladesh and now PTM is being placed in western media not through only by the Indian networking but also through the Afghan networking.

Does India plan a new “Operation Jackpot” which it launched in the early 60s in the former East Pakistan (which is now Bangladesh)?

This above-mentioned question requires serious deliberation in Islamabad.

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