State run AZERTAC and Dispatch News Desk to carry out news exchange

Baku, Azerbaijan: Azerbaijan State News Agency (AZERTAC) and Pakistani Dispatch News Desk (DND) agency have agreed to carry out news exchange, reports AZERTAC.


According to details, the decision was taken during a meeting of AZERTAC`s Chairman of Board Aslan Aslanov with DND Chief Editor Agha Iqrar Haroon here on Friday.

Aslan Aslanov during the meeting emphasized that people of Azerbaijan and Pakistan were (are) bound together by close ties of friendship and brotherhood.

State run Azeri News Agency AZERTAC, Pakistani News Agency Dispatch News Desk to carry out news exchange

He noted the role of media in expanding cooperation between the two countries. Aslan Aslanov thanked Pakistan for supporting Azerbaijan`s territorial integrity, saying Pakistan always condemns Armenia for occupying 20 percent of Azerbaijani lands and does not recognize this country internationally.

“We consider it necessary to expand the exchange of news with Pakistan, one of the most powerful countries in the region. This will play a key role in bringing our nations closer to each other and promoting our societies` awareness,” said Aslan Aslanov.

“Cooperation with DND will be a positive step towards boosting news delivery,” he added.

Chief editor of DND News Agency, Agha Iqrar Haroon maintained that Azerbaijan occupies a special place in Pakistan`s foreign policy.

“The fact that the two countries support each other`s territorial integrity is a crucial factor in the bilateral relations.”, commented Haroon.

Haroon was of the view that Azerbaijan always stands with Pakistan at international forums to protect the cause of Kashmir crises while Pakistan as a state and Pakistanis as a nation stand with Azerbaijan to condemn Armenian illegal occupation of Azerbaijani land.

He said DND was (is) ready to deliver AZERTAC`s news to the Pakistani society though its channels. “Our agency attaches special importance to spreading Azerbaijan-related news in Pakistan. We want to promote AZERTAC`s news in Urdu too. We also hope that our cooperation will help expand dissemination of Pakistan-related news in Azerbaijan,” said DND chief editor.

Aslan Aslanov highlighted AZERTAC`s ongoing presidency of the News Agencies World Congress and Organization of Asia-Pacific News Agencies (OANA) as well as the agency`s relations with Pakistani news agency APP.

Dispatch News Desk (DND)

It is pertinent to mention that the Dispatch News Desk (DND) is the only tri-lingual online publication from South Asia, providing news, articles, opinions and comments in Urdu, English and Russian languages while AZERTAC is a major news and information agency of the Republic of Azerbaijan, and the only source of the official government news.

Founded in 2006 as tradition News Agency and then moving to online News Agency in 2012, DND provides news updates written by a team of reporters, contributing editors, writers, guest analysts and correspondents, focused on television news, news generated by current affairs shows, events, company news, market trends, political and legislative developments.


AZERTAC, founded by the Government of the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic on March 1, 1920, functioned under various names during the Soviet period.

The Agency restored its historical name after Azerbaijan regained state independence. From March 3, 1995 to January 17, 2000, the agency bore the name “State Telegraph Agency under the Cabinet of Ministers”, and then was renamed “Azerbaijan State Telegraph Agency”.

Along with the official government information, AZERTAC wires in Azerbaijani, English, Russian, French, German, Arabic and Chinese languages.

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