Squid Game Cryptocurrency Broke the Records Within a Week

Squid Game cryptocurrency


After the immense success of Squid Games, the Squid Game cryptocurrency came into the world. SDUID is the very own cryptocurrency of Squid Games. Like the season came to the audience as a shocking and most popular in-English season, the Squid Game currency, too, has shocked the world with shocking progress in the cryptocurrency world. The currency rate witnessed a growth of 2400% in less than 24 hours which is quite shocking.

Squid Game cryptocurrency

At the time of press, SQUID started trading at a rate of $3.33 per coin. But, according to CoinMarketCap, the rate of The currency moved to $174 million in less than a week. The currency launched and took a booming growth. 

Is Squid Game Cryptocurrency Reliable?

The Squid Game cryptocurrency has been a matter of concern and discussion among everyone in terms of growth and profitability. But, the buyers still have to be very cautious at buying this currency. The caution is needed because many buyers have reported that they are unable to sell this currency on Pancakeswap. CoinMarketCap has issued a warning after receiving multiple reports from the users. 

The reason for this inability to sell the currency is unknown. The SQUID coin’s white paper highlights Anti-dumping technology stops the users from selling this currency. There are certain requirements that need to be fulfilled before selling this currency. If the problem is persisting for some users, it is because they have not followed the terms and conditions. 

Squid Game cryptocurrency

SQUID coin has shown a very high growth after its release like many other coins that got quite popular without any obvious reason. They were just some hyped coins before their release which increased their value to a greater extent and attracted a lot of buyers. The buyers could play games by using this cryptocurrency. The online event will begin in November after six rounds of games like the season. The buyers have to play all the games but luckily you will not get killed for playing wrong. 

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