South Korea displays its missile strength

SEOUL: What appears to be an attempt to address concerns that South Korea is technologically behind its erratic rival, North Korea, which this week conducted its third nuclear test, the former unveiled a cruise missile on Thursday that is capable of hitting the office of North Korea’s leaders.

“The cruise missile being unveiled today is a precision-guided weapon that can identify and strike the window of the office of North Korea’s leadership,” Defence ministry spokesman Kim Min-Seok told reporters.

It has “deadly destructive power” that could “restrain the enemy headquarters’ activities” during wartime”, Kim said.

“With this missile, we could hit any facility, equipment or individual target in the North anywhere at any time of our choosing,” army Major General Ryu Young-Jeo said in media briefing.

South Korean defence ministry further said that it would speed up the deployment of a “kill chain” system capable of detecting, targeting and destroying North Korean missiles.


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