South Asia Engagement Forum to be launched in Harvard Kennedy School

Monitoring Desk: The chapter of South Asia Engagement Forum will be launched in Harvard Kennedy School on November 17.

According to a message of the group, the South Asia Engagement Forum has been conceived to create spaces for dialogue, discussion and debate among students and scholars from countries in this region within Harvard and the wider community in Boston. It seeks to harness the community’s shared values, build strong institutions and step up social, cultural, economic and political ties amongst nation-states in the region. The group will bring together future leaders and experts from the region, and draw from Harvard’s rich resources, to discuss all issues in a constructive environment and cultivate an understanding of South Asia beyond what is “in the news”.

An eminent Pakistani journalist, peace activist and academic, Beena Sarwar and Vaidyanathan Iyer who is the National Affairs Editor of the Indian Express would share their thoughts with student at launching of the group.

Discussion would analyze the role the media is playing in resetting the geo-political chessboard of South-Asia.

This group would provide opportunity of exploring the challenges and opportunities the region of South Asia presents through personal stories. Beena and Vaidyanathan would be available to student to share their views how a collective South Asian mindset can bring harmony and peace to this nuclear region.

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