Sony unveils next-generation smartphone camera in Sony Xperia Z5

Apart from the Sony Xperia Z5 Compact and Z5 Proper, Sony also introduced the world to the first ever 4K smartphone in the form of Xperia Z5 Premium. The device in question would run on a 64 bit Snapdragon 810 processor with 3 GB of RAM and would have a 5.5 806 dpi (that is almost the double of what iPhone 6’s dpi is) screen.

The device will also be water proof like its predecessors and would come in black, chrome and gold variants, all of which looked extremely rich looking and glossy. Of course, the metallic finish does raise the concern if it will be able to handle day to day use or will it dim with time.

Impressive as those specs may be, this however wasn’t the silver lining as Sony also went ahead to introduce their new 23MP Exmor RS sensor camera that all three of the aforementioned device would share. The camera in question is capable of producing the fastest auto-focusing experience on a smartphone and according to Sony would accomplish the task in 0.03 seconds. If you’re wondering, yes that is faster than it takes you to blink. Of course, since this is a 4K device after all, the camera naturally would be able to record 4K footage and would also contain improved steady shot features and Intelligent Active Mode for video recording.