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In the present era, solar panels have somehow become a necessity. It is still not convenient and affordable for everybody to buy solar panels, especially in Pakistan. There are different types and sizes of solar panels, each offering distinct features and benefits at varying prices. The lowest price range of solar panels in Pakistan starts from 10000 per and goes as high as lacs. So let’s have a look at Solar Panel prices in Pakistan.

Solar Panel; price in Pakistan


There’s much more to know about solar panels, so keep reading. This article will discuss the price range of different types of solar panels in Pakistan. In addition, we’ll also provide you with some quick insights into the most critical factors that significantly influence the cost of solar panels. 

Solar Panel Prices

Updated Price List of Solar Panels in Pakistan


Here’s an updated list of different prices of different types of solar panels in Pakistan, along with their capacity:

#Type of Solar PanelCapacitanceAverage Price
1Polycrystalline Solar Panel330 WattsRs.16,300
2Canadian Solar Panel410 WattsRs.18,700
3Jinko Solar Panel220 WattsRs.15,900
4Mono Solar Panel360 WattsRs.20,300
5Solar Energy Panel375 WattsRs.20,130
6PERC Solar Panel400 WattsRs.18,700
7Monocrystalline Solar Panel405 WattsRs.25,800
8Branded Poly Solar Panel335 WattsRs.16,340


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Factors Influencing Solar Panel Prices in Pakistan

If we specifically discuss the high rates of solar panels in Pakistan, many things get our attention and are closely related to the high costs of solar panels. The high prices of solar panels in Pakistan are undoubtedly a delicate situation. With the ever-increasing dearness increasing in Pakistan, the charges of all things are touching the heights of the sky.

Let’s discuss these factors one by one: 

  • Import Taxes

Recently implemented policies require importers to pay 16 per cent customs duty, 17 per cent sales tax, 3 per cent additional sales tax, 11 per cent income tax, and 4 per cent additional customs duty at the landing port when importing solar panels. Import taxes also drive up solar panel prices because of this situation.

  • Currency Fluctuations

Several factors contribute to the high cost of solar panels in Pakistan, including domestic political instability and fluctuations in the currency. As a result of their manufacturing costs, all the solar panels manufactured by well-known and reputable companies also have fixed prices. 

  • Increasing Competition 

Solar panel manufacturers are investing more and more money in solar panel projects to make their mark remarkable in the market. To determine the solar panel rate, it is essential to consider competitors’ investments in solar panels. Because companies that invested in high-quality solar panels also come up in the market with high prices.

  • High Prices

Pakistan’s economic condition has been unstable for many years. So many factors are affecting Pakistan’s economy, which has led to an increase in the price of solar panels in Pakistan. Due to this increasing cost, all manufacturing materials are also becoming more expensive, which is why solar panel prices are rising.

 Solar Panel Cost Comparisons

Here are the factors that affect solar panel prices in Pakistan. Some other variables still affect solar panel prices in Pakistan, but these are the most important ones:

  • Quality of Semiconductors

Solar panels rely totally on semiconductors for their work, and a suitable semiconductor is essential to manufacturing. In terms of the best semiconductors in Pakistan, silicon is the best and highest quality element used in solar panels. However, silicon is also too expensive. Therefore, the high price of solar panels in Pakistan is probably the silicon rate.

Pure silicon solar panels in Pakistan are many times more expensive than those made from other semiconductors.

  • Type of Manufacturing Panels

Likewise, Pakistan’s solar panel prices are closely related to the panel type. Polycrystalline solar panels are less efficient and productive, so they cost less, whereas monocrystalline solar panels are highly efficient and give a greater yield, so they cost more. In the same way, solar panels generating electricity from both sides are more expensive than those causing only one side.

Solar panels made from polycrystalline technology in Pakistan are cost-effective and relatively cheaper than those made from other high-quality solar panels.

  • The Capacity of Watts Per Panel

A solar panel’s capacity is determined by its watts of electric current when it works, called its watt capacity per panel. Therefore, solar panels with a lot of energy and wind are more expensive and demanding. However, other solar panels with less power are cheaper compared to others.

Solar panels that generate 650 watts of current are more expensive than those that generate 4500 watts.

Government Policies and Incentives for Solar Panels 

It was reported in 2022 that the Government was planning to launch solar power projects of about 14,000 megawatts this year to offset the expensive electricity generated by imported fuels. As part of the initiative, solar systems will be available at reduced prices, along with tax incentives.

 As per the government policy, it was decided that solar systems would be provided to the people as an alternative to the costly electricity generated using imported fuel. While solarisation contributes to a reduction in fuel imports and creates environment-friendly, low-cost electricity, nothing was implemented, resulting in a crisis because of the failure to fulfil this.

Solar panels have also increased substantially as a result of these conditions. As a result of these factors, the Government should take action or implement strategies to execute such laws that would generate solar panels at a cost-effective cost. The need for solar panels cannot be taken for granted since our country has already experienced an energy crisis. Using solar panels, we can also overcome this problem by using alternative energy sources.

Impact of COVID-19 on Solar Panel Prices

Within months, Coronavirus spread rapidly from Wuhan, China, to our country, posing an unprecedented threat to the world. Without medication or vaccines, every Government resorted to enforcing lockdowns. Health and safety concerns caused the business to decline substantially. Likewise, the solar industry of Pakistan experienced a similar decline because of broken supply chains.

As predicted, solar installations would have been increased, but the Coronavirus outbreak caused many challenges and delays. The solar industry was affected by the Coronavirus outbreak for many reasons. These include:

  • Blockage in manufacturing
  • Failure of the supply chain
  • Delays in project completion
  • Deficiency in customer’s financial ability
  • Response from the public.

Wrapping Up

Pakistan’s solar panel industry faces a massive issue with the increasing price of solar panels. The rising costs have resulted in a considerable reduction in the manufacturing and sale of these panels. Pakistan has the highest solar energy availability due to its almost 7 to 8-month summer season. Governments must consider all these crises as the most effective way to utilize renewable energy sources. Thus, if we use this solar energy to make energy by using panels, we will be able to solve our energy crisis and efficiently distribute electricity throughout our country.


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